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I thought it would be fun to try to find some of the oldest carnivorous plant cultivars out there. The ICPS has a cultivar list with dates, so I thought I'd find some of the older ones and post them here. It would be neat to see if any of them are still around and if they aren't try to find the oldest cultivars still in cultivation.

Here's where I'm getting my info: http://www.carnivorousplants.org/cultivars/names.php
I'm going to list the cultivars registered within a reasonable amount of time of the oldest one listed. They are listed alphabetically by genus and chronologically within each genus. Several genera were omitted either due to lack of information or due to cultivars being registered too recently.


Drosera 'Nagamoto' (1979)
Drosera 'Watari' (1979)
Drosera 'California Sunset' (1981)
Drosera 'Marston Dragon' (1986)
Drosera 'Plains Form' (1986)
Drosera 'Albino' (1989)


The oldest listed butterworts all come from Adrian Slack's Insect Eating Plants and How to Grow Them.

Pinguicula 'George Sargent' (1986)
Pinguicula 'Hameln' (1986)
Pinguicula 'Huahuapan' (1986)
Pinguicula 'Mitla' (1986)
Pinguicula 'Sethos' (1986)
Pinguicula 'Tina' (1986)
Pinguicula 'Vera Cruz' (1986)
Pinguicula 'Weser' (1986)


Some of these date to the early 1900s. There's even one from the 1890s!

Nepenthes 'Mixta Sanguinea' (1894)
Nepenthes 'Sir William Thiselton Dyer' (1900)
Nepenthes 'F. W. Moore' (1904)
Nepenthes 'Remilly' (1905)
Nepenthes 'L'Insolite' (1906)
Nepenthes 'Ruby' (1907)
Nepenthes 'Dr. John Macfarlane' (1909)
Nepenthes 'Sanglant' (1909)
Nepenthes 'Gloire des Ardennes' (1911)
Nepenthes 'Lewis Bradbury' (1913)


The vast majority of those listed date back about 40 years or less.

Sarracenia 'Rosamund Pollock' (1914)
Sarracenia 'Evendine' (1979)
Sarracenia 'Marston Mill' (1979)
Sarracenia 'Akebono' (1985)
Sarracenia 'Asahinishiki' (1985)
Sarracenia 'Ayanami' (1985)... A number of Japanese cultivars were registered in '85.
Sarracenia 'Burgundy' (1986)
Sarracenia 'Copper Lid' (1986)
Sarracenia 'Darcy Ann' (1986)
Sarracenia 'Robin Louise' (1986)
Sarracenia 'Friar Tuck' (1987)
Sarracenia 'Moore's Melody' (1987)
Sarracenia 'Sun Warrior' (1987)

A quick search of some of these plants will show that some are still around and that there are problems with some of the registrations.

As I compiled this list, I began to wonder how incomplete the data from the ICPS is. I wondered about any exceptionally old unregistered cultivars or just clones in general floating around. Venus flytrap cultivation did not begin in the 1990s, so it is interesting to see the first VFT cultivars on the ICPS list be from the 1990s.

What are everyone's thoughts on this? Are there some plants the ICPS doesn't have listed? Does anyone own some old cultivars or other clones? Have any pictures?
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Don't forget N. x Mastersiana, from 1883; a cross of N. sanguinea X N. khasiana. It's a handsome old thing.
Check out Sam's photos of his plant: http://lhnn.proboards.com/thread/199

(My plant of Mastersiana)
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There is also an ebook version of Hortus Veitchii that lists many of the older cultivars, of which we still have several.
I didn't know you grew that one Paul! I'm hoping to somehow get one from EP's new list. Peter D'amato has a great one too!
I know that Sarracenia 'Moore's Melody' is still about. A person I know grows it but I will not say who just in case they do not want me to say.
n. x mixta var superba......i believe it is a victorian cross.
If memory serves, Nepenthes 'Sir William Thiselton Dyer' is more commonly called N. x dyeriana today and the parentage is a match - [(northiana x maxima) x (rafflesiana x veitchii)]. According to CPPhotoFinder, N. 'F. W. Moore' appears to be another clone from the same grex.
This is an old thread but I found it when I searched for Drosera Marston Dragon.
I have it, bought it from California Carnivores three years ago and now have lots of babies all the time!
They look like binata until they get a little older then they start to split off into the marston dragon leaf shape.
I love my D. 'Marston Dragon'. It's a beast.