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Story of the name


Lotsa blue
I thought it might be interesting if members told the stories of what their forum names mean and how they came to choose them. I often wonder...

I chose 'bluemax' because that is what I came to call my current computer after I built it. Blue - because the case I chose has blue leds to light it in that color. Max - because it is so much more powerful than its predecessor. For those not familiar the avatar is the character Little Max from the book 'Where the Wild Things Are' except I've colored him blue. :)
My forum name means I have no imagination...my nickname DJ and my age at the time I registered, :lol:

Interesting topic and I would love to hear the stories behind the avatars of others.
Cool thread! I chose Shortbus because I spend alot of time gaming and a version of "Shortbus" has been my name in that community for years. Among the underlying implications of this name, I like it beacuse it's memorable and in a crowd if someone yelled out "hey shortbus whats up?" I would look because: this how they know me by. :woot:
I chose lil hokie because my friends in college (not at Virginia Tech whom are the Hokies but at UNC Charlotte (the 49ers)) gave me the nickname "lil hokie monster" because of my apparent obsession with VT. My dad went to college there and I have grown up with its influence haha. I have a ton of different screen names all over the internet.
Cthulhu because I'm a huge H.P. Lovecraft fan and I love monsters. So, what better than Lovecraft's most iconic horror creation, Cthulhu ? 138 from one of my favorite Misfits songs "We Are 138" which is about George Lucas's first movie "THX-1138", a futuristic movie where we're ruled by android Gestapo like police. I guess "138" was just easier to work into the song lyrics than "1138"
Mine is incredibly complicated, but here goes:

Sundew (my favorite CP when I registered) + Drew (my name) = Sundrew

I thought it was a clever pun, and I enjoy it.
My forum name means I have no imagination...
LOL - I might be able to top that. Mine are the initials from 1st & last name followed by last 4 digits of our home phone*.

* which I'm probably going to eliminate due to the constant flow of robo-spam calls :censor:
I think I've got you all beat, mine is my first and middle initial and then my last name... :p
Mine, is a combination of Peat and Moss. My favorite soil additive.
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i was really into clownfish at the time--was about to dive into the saltwater scene. started to research as much i could about clownfish and coral husbandry. the name first generated on deviantart. however, i carelessly typed up what i could pull from my brain (amphirion) while the true name of the genus was actually amphipipiron. but too late, created the name, and stuck with it. the name's been carried over other forums in the process since it grew on me.
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mine is just my name.... so where do i get my prize? :p
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mine is a shortened version of my old username. So where do I get myles's prize?
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Mine is a play on the word astatine, element 85 on the periodic table. I haven't been a teen for a while, but it still sounds nice. At is a halogen, my favorite group of the periodic table. With an incredibly short half life Astatine could never exist in a mass large enough to be seen.
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I live in Kula, Maui and I am a man....
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I was quite prone to mischief as a kid. Still am, to a point. :mwahaha:
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I chose my name in 1995 when I first made an account on AFM (Aquarium Fish Monthly) Online forum both cos I collect swords and because I liked "Amazon Sword" plants at the time. Anytime I join an online forum I still try to use that name because it's the one I can easily remember to look for my posts under. :awesome:
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As a skater i'm pretty obsessed with the company 'Creature Skateboards,' so that plus my name
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Full Collapse is the name a cd by the band Thursday (which I highly recommend by the way). I used it in past forums, and like to keep things as easy as possible to remember.
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Well, i'm a guy and there's only one of me and when people see me they go "Hey, its That One Guy!" :p
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I always hated the name, 'Scott'. So when I went to college I decided to informally change my name to 'Jim'. I also went to college with a friend of mine since 7th grade. We lived at opposite ends of the campus and while she was introducing her new friends to me as Scott, I was doing the same as Jim. Eventually, the circles of friends started to coincide and confusion began. That led to the fusion of the two names as 'Jim-Scott'.