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Just some pics.. feel free to add if you like.

A couple D. montana var. tomentosa that arrived about 2 weeks ago.



in the pot next to that, D. graomogolensis on peat (rather than LFS). Experimenting with different medias atm..



a couple of the LFS pots, first up D. ascendens (Itarare, Sao Paulo, Brazil). love the hairy fists on this thing


leaf plantlet hardening off for Jerry


a young D. ascendens (Caminho do Mar,São Bernardo do Campo,Brazil). If you look close you can see baby plantlets emerging at the base.


speaking of base plantlets, a terrible pic of a rootless tomentosa I plopped into the propagation tray to induce root growth. Looks more like it's inducing baby growth. Only one of the three plantlets are visible here.


to be continued..
Holy crap those montanas are red!
'Very nice! 'Some of my favorite 'dews. I'm glad there is more to look forward to.
nice mass,looking very happy dews:drool:
thanks guys.
Hoping this turns into more of a show and tell than me just posting pics of the same ol' plants.
I got my first tormentor a week or bait more there ago but its putting on a show on the first two leaves produced in my care i put up a couple pics when i get home
wrong post whoops
That's tomentosa r
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was gonna say corky, pretty sure not a single one of those dews was from South America. :p
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Ha ha thought i got away with that
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here is my tomemtosa.
when i got it last week and maybe a few days now.
it had just planted got it bare root,

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it's a biggin'!