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Nepenthes madagascariensis not growing/ pitchering

Oct 3, 2020
Hi everyone :)

I have had a small Nepenthes madagascariensis for about 2 years.

Initially, it was on my windowsill (lowland tropical conditions), where it was growing and pitchering fine.

Next, I moved it to the balcony, where it received direct sunlight for a few hours a day. Since the shift onto the balcony, its growth slowed and it stopped pitchering.

After a few months, I decided to move it into my indoor set up. Unfortunately, nothing changed.

Here are some pictures of the plant:




Here are its current growing conditions:

- Lighting: white LED grow lights provide 14 hours of light a day
- Temperature: Daytime = 27-30 deg C; Nighttime = 25-26 deg C
- Humidity: about 30-50% (I open up the set up during the day so that it does not get too hot inside)
- Water: the plant stands in a thin layer of running water. The potting media stays moist all the way to the surface
- Potting media: 50-50 mix of wetted sphagnum moss and perlite
- Fertilising: Not done ever since I bought it

Does anyone know why this could be so?


Sep 12, 2009
Virginia, USA
It looks like it has a basal, right? Usually basals pitcher better for me than main plants so you might luck out there. Does the growth point of the main growth look ok? I can't really tell - do you have any pests like thrips or anything? Sometimes my plants don't pitcher when I'm fighting infestations.