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Too much light?

Nov 1, 2021
I had this guy under artificial light for a while and it was happy. I moved it to the window where it gets some low angle direct sunlight in the late afternoon. It also has a lower intensity light for 10 hours most of the day.

The leaves are getting smaller and the leave tips are dry and no pitcher buds. The last couple of pitchers are small. The last one malformed and only about 1/2 inch.

It has plenty of water.

Could this be too much light?


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May 19, 2022
Acclimatisation problems. Sunshine are far more potent than growlight, and its also gives various uv & thermal radiation. Also has drying power. Plants that previously grown under growlight (especially if that growlight are much weaker than sunshine) need times to develope proper leaves thats able to withstand sunshine, higher temperature & lower humidity.

Under stronger lights, most nepenthes usually produce slightly smaller leaf lamina (relative to species & age) compared to at lower lights as they don't need larger surfaces to gather lights. Acclimated nepenthes also able to develop larger pitchers ratio (also relative to species & age). Nepenthes at lower level of lights will prioritising lamina growth than pitchers to maximise photosynthesis.

So just wait for them to acclimate, or put them back under growlight. A
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