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Come and get 'em! It is difficult to do this, but I will be moving soon, and I don't want the headache of trying to take my plants with me. I have been growing nepenthes for almost 30 years and have many healthy and vigorous plants left in my collection, so here is an opportunity to get some nice plants to add to a yours. Among them are some rare hybrids that ought to be preserved in culture. Please keep in mind that I do not wish to give plants to people who mean to sell them off or trade them for something else. I want to bless people who truly want them and have the means and skill to care for them, and especially I would like to give some to new growers or young people who would just like to have some nice species and hybrids. (Plant-killers stay away!)

For pick up at my house in Lancaster County, PA, only, Saturdays and Sundays each remaining weekend in May, from 10 AM to 5 PM, or by appointment on weekdays. Evenings are okay. No shipping--please don't ask. No reserves, except by phone pending pick up that week. I'm not putting a limit on how many plants one person may take, except for the restriction of taking only one pot of a particular kind of plant. Otherwise, it will be generally first come, first serve. Some plants are large, and I have several of some species and hybrids. Please do not PM me because I have limited internet access at this time, and I will not be able to respond, even by email. You must call the phone number listed on my personal page in the visitor message I posted to get detailed directions.

The following is a list of what I have. The cultural information in caps is how I have been growing them (mostly under lights). LL = Lowland; LLX = Ultra-lowland; INT = Intermediate; HL = Highland; HP = Houseplant and windowsill conditions (with regular misting or humidity trays). Plants that have two or even three cultural markers have been grown successfully in different ways.

Species: Nepenthes ampullaria, LLX-LL, Cantley's red, green form, spotted form, and tricolor form (the tricolor plants are seed-grown); N. alata, INT-LL, HP, true species originally from Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota, FL., might be boschiana mimic; N. maxima, wavy leaf, INT, HP, (seed-grown); N. mikei, INT-HL; N. rafflesiana, LL, (HP with extra care), typical form, giant dark form (very large plant), and a giant form with more typical coloration that gets huge fat gnarly pitchers; N. spectabilis, HL, north Sumatra form; N. veitchii, LL, green pitchers with orange peristomes; N. ventricosa, INT, HP, red (bushy plant); N. truncata, LL, HP, green pitchers w/ red peristomes (largish plant).

Named hybrids: Nepenthes x chelsonii, LL, original victorian hybrid, has gorgeous white pitchers with red markings and a solid red peristome; N. x dwarf peacock, LL, (makes scads of colorful pitchers in flushes, producing uppers at this time); N. x dyeriana, INT-LL, HP, original victorian hybrid, grows spectacular giant colorful pitchers; N. x hookeriana, LL, yellow/green with red spots; N. x miranda, INT-LL, HP.

Unnamed Hybrids: Nepenthes clipeata x (clipeata x eyemae), INT; N. densiflora x truncata, INT, has large wine-red pitchers with flaring peristomes; N. kampotiana x (khasiana x alata), INT, immature seed-grown plants look to have striped pitchers!; N. muluensis x lowii, INT-HL (might have to be taken with its tank as the roots have gotten into the substrate); N. spendiana x (spectabilis x veitchii), INT, seed-grown, has green spotted pitchers; N. thorelii x truncata, LL, has large solid red pitchers, looks somewhat like sanguinea; N. truncata x veitchii, INT-LL, has green pitchers with magnificent striped peristomes.

Sundews: Drosera regia; D. spathulata, gets deep red in strong light. Cephalotus: typical and 'Hummer's Giant (reputed to be).

Orchids, miniatures: Dendrobium aggregatum 'majus', D. loddigesii; Cattleya aclandiae, C. claesiana. Orchids, larger in hanging pots: Dendrobium anosmum pink, and D. anosmum lavender, fragrant, blooms in spring; Stanhopea x assidensis (has giant extremely fragrant flowers that come out of the bottom of the pot).

Supplies: Medium and medium ingredients, including coarse quartz sand; charcoal; peat; NZ sphagnum moss, aquariums of several sizes; net pots and regular pots of many sizes; 4' Sunblaze T5 four-lamp fixtures with 6500k lamps, 23w, 100w equivalent 6500k spiral fluorescent bulbs, T12 fixtures with cool white lamps and grow bulbs, timers, etc. Note: I will not part with the lighting fixtures while I still have plants growing under them, although I do have an extra Sunblaze fixture and extra 2-lamp T12 fixtures.

Also: I have a very large Wardian case I have been using to grow lowland nepenthes, kind of like a giant aquarium. The case is made of stained cypress wood and plate glass, with a liftable lighting hood. It stands on wooden legs legs, which come off for moving, and there is 14" clearance underneath the bottom of the enclosure. The inside dimensions are 5 feet wide by 2' deep by 2' 3" tall, and the entire unit stands about 50" tall with the hood. This case is heavy like a piano and will require several people to move it. Of course, it will be one of the last things to go. I will be ready to release it when to plants I have growing in it are gone. If you want it, make sure ahead of time that you can get it through your doors. You will need more than 27" of sideways clearance. (I will have to take off 2 doors just to get it out of the basement.)

This offer will be closed on the last day of May 2012 or when all the plants are gone.
Wow, must be a delight for those who grow Neps :)

Edit:...and live nearby
wow but its to far a drive
This is the best give away I've ever seen... too bad I'm clear across the country.
I would love to come but I am 3 and a half hours away, I will see what I can do.
Oh what a shame. Yeah, I'm too far away.
Wish I were closer but that would be 15 + hours of driving...
Omg!! No shipping? I'm all the way in SC. :-(
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I may have a friend coming to get some for me.
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Sorry to see you getting rid of your plants. Been a long time since I've been up to see them.

I think you got the Ceph 'HG' from me if I recall correctly, and that certainly is a 'HG'

I know you said about not holding plants, I'll calll you tonight as I'm interested in the following.

Nepenthes rafflesiana, giant form
Nepenthes ampullaria, spotted, tricolor (seed-grown)
Maybe the Cephs
Some supplies.
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I just wanted to thank Glen for this awesome offer. I am so glad that I was able to get down to Lancaster to meet you. I am sad to hear that you had to get rid of everything, and wish you the best of luck where you are moving, and good growing in the future. Thank you again.
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Thankyou sir for the fine plants. And thankyou to my friend who made the trip for me. The plants look awesome and cannot wait to grow them out.
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This offer is now closed.

Everything is gone, including my large lowland plant case. My growing area looks like what's left after a Grinch has absconded with Christmas. It's kind of a sad sight, but I'm grateful that all my plants seem to have found good homes where they will receive excellent care. I want to express my sincere appreciation to the online community on this forum. It was a great pleasure to meet everyone who came by to get my plants, and I hope you all enjoy them as much as I have over the years.
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Thanks so much for the plants and growing case Glen. I've got everything up and running now after a few repairs and modifications made to the wardian case. I'll try and post some pictures soon.