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N. lowii Mt-Kinabalu x sabre dark cherry

Still tiny, but huge potential

:-Owhere did you find THAT ??
are there more
My two currently have no pitchers but i agree they have huge potential. It came from ep as most lowii hybrids do. I think its going to be awesome, much better than lowii x ventricosa
Newest pitcher on mine - plant sourced from Tony P. back last winter, I believe....was a pre-order item for import.

thanks for the help guys ,
that is sick. dont tease just send it to me, nice growing man
Mine's still tiny as well, but I think it's safe to say that every one of these is going to be spectacular! I'm sure they're going to have killer uppers! I always thought that Sabre's uppers would be better with a little more lowii in them for the color and an even wider mouth. I can't wait! Hopefully Geoff will post a photo or two as soon as his start vining. Until then:


P.S. Both of your's are looking amazing! This hybrid has produced absolute gems! Maybe Mat can post a progress photo of his if he still has it.
Nice Greg and Paul, really like the thick hairs on your one Paul, mine hasnt got a single hair on the lid, and yours has lost the wings already? very ineresting...
This hybrid is awesome! Mine develops deep red pitchers and grows considerably fast for a lowii child. I'll have to post some pics of the little nook soon.
Nice Greg and Paul, really like the thick hairs on your one Paul, mine hasnt got a single hair on the lid, and yours has lost the wings already? very ineresting...

Yup, the ala are gone already - surprising for such a young plant (it is still in a 4" pot and the pitcher you see above is little more than 3" tall). The lid bristles are quite pronounced, as you noted. Given that this hybrid is 3/4 lowii, I wonder how closely it will resemble the species, and how soon it will develop uppers?
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Yeah I was surprised with how quickly mine has been growing. It didn't really skip a beat when it came in from "T man". It just put out a new pitcher, although it's smaller than the last. From what I've seen most of the variation is in color and not so much in shape between all of these. I love this plant though! I feel like uppers might look like a toothier 'PDA'.
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I feel like uppers might look like a toothier 'PDA'.

Given that this is 3/4 lowii in pedigree, isn't it highly likely that uppers will more closely resemble that species? IE; little or no real peristome....

Speaking of lowii, check this out.
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Its actually 5/8 lowii. Paul that does not mean its going to be close to lowii, did you see that experiment ep did with vent x talang? They crossed it back onto vent a few times and its still nowhere near the true species
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Mathematically the fraction is 5/8: Lowii-50% x {Ventricosa-25% x (lowii-12.5% x macrophylla-12.5%)} But that's not quite how nature seems to work, there's 4species in the mix and a double dose of lowii from two different mountains, it's obviously a complex hybrid and the clones are going to be quite variable as we can already see from the small size. In my oppinion it's going to be hard to lose the wide peristome that's associated with the father in this cross.


For example i have seen in person 8 clones of (ventricosa x sibu) x TM and as expected each was completely different in it's own unique way, each one swung more towards one or two of the species more than the others. It will be very interesting to watch this mystery unfold, i'm sure everyone's keeping a keen eye on theirs :-O
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I guess it's hard to say, but I'd trust both of your seasoned opinions over my novice one any day, although from what I've seen the Trusmadiensis peristome comes through very prominently even in more complex crosses. Regardless of the xTM parentage, even plants like lowii x campanulata still have a peristome although it is diminished, and that is a cross of two nearly peristome-less species. So I guess I'm just thinking, that if lowii x ventricosa still has a peristome, then lowii x (vent x TM) would have even more of one despite the extra 12.5% lowii.
Although xTM is half lowii, we need to take into account that the macrophylla parent's peristome greatly dominates these hybrids.
All of this being said, Geoff's experiment proved that complex hybrids don't act at all like we'd expect them too half the time, and the passing down of genes isn't really all that "linear" (for a lack of a better word).

I guess time will tell! :0o: I'd still be super excited with an almost 100% lowii upper! If this doesn't produce one, it would be exciting to see someone reproduce (or as close to as possible) a lowii upper in the way that Geoff is trying to reproduce N. robcantleyii using hybridization.