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  • Hey man!

    How goes gemmae production? I have one plant that has died back but I think the green in the center is gemmae. I haven't popped them out yet because I need to prepare some soil to grow them in. My setup this year proved difficult to keep the TOP soil soft and moist for the gemmae. Too many of them were drying up and I think a little past their prime anyway.

    The combination of my setup having 2-inches of sand only top soil and the humic acid buildup of the peat I have caused the topsoil to be hard as a rock!

    The ones who rooted survive fine but some did well until the heat of the summer and then they gave up. So I am doing another growing space with taller walls in the tray that will hopefully keep the local humidity up; and I will be going ahead with smaller pots that are 5-inch square pots. Hopefully, by doing so, giving the topsoil an easier time staying wet and the gemmae doing better.

    Love my pygmies and excited to start finding gemmae to buy again!

    Hey man!

    So I have been crazy busy since March. I lead photography workshops teaching Milky Way Photography and I have been gone two weeks about of every month since March!

    My plants have been watered and barely appreciated these past few months! I have some plants with their live sphagnum moss growing over them!! I have to do some work when I get home from this current trip.

    But my pygmies are doing awesome. I have three containers that only had two plants survive in them from the original germination (if you even call it that for Gemmae 🤔) but one pot is flowering like crazy too!

    So I will have to share some pictures when I get back! So long as my extreme deep water trays worked and my plants survived this past week without me 😬

    Talk again soon!

    I’ll have to look around and see if I can find any of the 72 hour heat packs, I see some on amazon but they only seem to sell them in bulk
    Hey man I think I can help you out if you’re looking for Mexican pings, I could do for like $10 each. I have:

    Lustanica(non Mexican annual that seeds frequently)

    I also have mid sized gypsicola, but I usually sell those for like $30 each.
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