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Mystery Item (LeafKirby $11)

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SirKristoff is a poopiehead
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You are bidding on something. I will not reveal what it is, even after the auction is over.

I have permission from the NASC board to change the rules for this auction. These rules apply ONLY to this single auction. Contact a NASC board member if you need to change a rule to accommodate your auction.

Here's how this is going to work. You will be allowed to ask one question per bid. To eliminate excessive posts, I'll answer your question in your post. In order to allow a significant amount of questions without the price of the auction going sky high, bid increments will be 25 cents. The final bid will be rounded up to the nearest dollar.

To peak your interest, this is a rare and very expensive item. Probably 99% of people have never seen and will never see one. Although it's extremely rare, to you it's pretty much worthless.

If bidding gets above $20, I'll throw in a plant of my choice.

If bidding exceeds $50, you can choose any plant that I have to offer.

Bidding starts at 25 cents.

This auction is open to international bidders although if this item is won by somebody outside the USA, I won't be able to include the free plants.
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Extremely rare, expensive, but useless to me... Is it your unconditional love, Ozzy?

Answer: I said rare, not nonexistent.
Is it metal?

Answer: yes
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What is it?

Answer: its the item you'll get if you win.
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Is it bigger than a bread box?

Answer: no

Is it intended for use in some manner with carnivorous plants?

Answer: No

Is it a silver heart necklace symbolizing some unrequited love?

Answer: No, but it is silverish

Is it an ancient coin?

Answer: No
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Is it the silverish colored metal diode tip off the electrical firing mechanism from a now defunct sparrow class missle?

Answer: No, but you are so close.
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If you gave it to a 12 year old boy what would he do with it?

Answer: If the 12 year old boy was on the nerdish side, he would be amazed by it and show it to all his friends explaining what it is and how it worked. It you gave it to me when I was 12 years old, I would have probably put it in a sling shot and shot my buddy with it.
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Is it a part from a missile?

Answer: No
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What shape is it?

Answer: Elongated, round and the end comes to a point.
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Does it make a sound

Answer: It will if you drop it.
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Three fiddy

Is it a silver bullet?

Answer: It's not a silver bullet, it's not made from silver. It could be mistaken for a silver bullet and if it was used for it's intended purpose it could kill anything including werewolves.
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Is it meant to be placed on the tip of something? (That sounds dirty...)

Answer: Yes, it is the tip of something.
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Is it a fuze setter for a 5" round?

Answer: No
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Can it be used once or multiple times ?

Answer : once
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is it a projectile?

Side note what happens if someone guesses what it is?

Answer: No. This item is so obscure that I doubt anybody will guess it. Most people are familiar with what this item does when it's together with what it's used with, but it's so out there you won't figure it out. If somebody does guess it, I guess I'll be on the FBI list.....again.
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Is it a nuclear launch key?

Answer: No, but getting closer.
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Does it have to do with the space program?

Answer : no
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