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My first attempt at growing pings on rock...


Sarracenia freak
I picked up a piece of tufa that looked like it had lots of available ledges with this in mind... We'll see how it goes..

The pings so far are:

P. ehlersiae
P. 'Pirouette'
P. 'Aphrodite'
P. medusina

I had planned on putting a big P. moranensis in the empty spot.. but it appears that the plant wasnt quite ready to divide yet... :blush: I ended up making alot of leaf pullings instead. :p Figured since it had 3 obvious growth points, all flowering, that I could go in and just seperate the plants but they were all very firmly still one plant.. *sigh* oh well.. Just have to wait.. I stuck two leaves that had roots attached in the media at the bottom.. figure they have the best chance at growing the fastest..

So I gave the rock a good rinsing, then soaked in RO for 24 hours before using it.. Hopefully got most the crud out of the rock and got it nice and hydrated.. Took my all mineral ping media and added some peat to it at a 1:3 ratio, just to give the pings a bit more to hold onto, and packed it into the carved out spots I created.. Lots more room for future pings too.. I added a baby P. medusina as an afterthought, just to see if it'd be happier in a more natural growing environment.. Not having much luck with my batch of babies..

Anyway, some pics..

Its location is on a shelf in front of my plant room window, so it gets sun during the day(WHEN we have any :p)

The inhabitants before unpotting/dividing..

Aphrodite in need of seperation

moranensis.. Come on, doesnt this look like its multiple plants to you?? Stupid thing..

2 Pirouettes I grew from leaf pullings


ehlersiae with all its most recent offspring.. This thing makes its own spontaneous offspring like crazy..

media loaded into the nooks n crannies


Annddd DONE! for now. :p

Lighting situation is temporary.. Need to figure out something better and brighter..
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Lookin' good Brie. Keep us updated on this one.
Ohhhhh...I LOVE that. :-O
Ohhh mannnn, if this works out for you in the long run, you will have a seriously cool piece on your hands. Good luck!
That looks great now, and will be gorgeous later!
Out of curiosity: Is there media under the pebbles?
WOW! It's beautiful.. :hail:
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Out of curiosity: Is there media under the pebbles?

Pebbles? :suspect: There is media in the bottom dish, with the rock sitting ontop of it.. same as I put in the holes.. Was planning on eventually keeping pings there to, maybe temperate ones that like it wetter? Since gravity pulls water out of the rock to the dish, its def. wetter..

Edit: or were you referring to what I grow the potted pings in?

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Very nice! How're you gonna water it?

Tufa rock is super porous and acts like a sponge... holds onto water pretty well. So you just dribble water over it..
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Beautifull!!!! Great job!
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Sweet! I can't wait to see how this turns out for you.

If possible you should try and find some sort of very low moss that gross on rocks, I bet if you could get the moss to grow and thrive it would aid the Pinguicula's growth just that much more.
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Wow, that's really cool! Good job!
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Very, very nice Brie!

Moss will start growing very soon from the tufa it self in my experience, so no worries about that!
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What a great idea! It looks beautiful now and I'm sure it will look even better as time goes on...

Thanks for sharing!
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Wow, all I can say is :0o: :drool:
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I'm definitely interested in seeing how this works for you...looks great!
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Very natural looking. What mineral media is in the pots ?
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Very natural looking. What mineral media is in the pots ?

Yeah that was kinda my goal.. to make it look like a natural growing environment..

If I recall correctly, I used equal parts APS, coarse silica sand, and pumice, with added Iron oxide powder..
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Very nicely done!