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I recently hacked up the leggier nepenthes in my collection and made around 50 cuttings. Those cuttings are rooted and have developed growing points and it's time to start figuring out how to get rid of them.

The plants represented are:

- ventrata
- ventricosa x gymnamphora (Leilani)
- ventricosa x Tiveyi 'A' (Leilani)
- maxima dark x talangensis (very much like Lady Pauline)
- a beautiful NOID that's a suspected natural mix of ramispina and sanguinea

I just thought I'd start gauging interest. If you're near Leesburg some weekend feel free to come pick some up, as I'd much rather offload them in person than put together 50 mail orders.
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Just as a heads up, no sales or requests to buy are allowed in the trading post. Sales should be posted in the classifieds subforum.
Oops. Forgot which forum I was on. Well, I have an extensive want list in my signature. I'd be happy to trade multiple cuttings for any one of those items.
I had no idea there was a CP grower just 20 minutes west of me. I have one hybrid Nepenthes in the greenhouse (ventricosa x khasiana). I'm far more of an everything else CP grower, but with some expert help on what to pick that might do well in my growing circumstances (would be under a bench in the greenhouse (open and very well ventilated) during the warm season and in the basement under lights during the cold season, not tons of space in either so would have to be small/compact), I'd love to try one or a few.

And, since I've been meaning to get out to that new BBQ place on Route 7 near the Wegmans, a trip to you wouldn't be a problem at all.

If you're interested in talking more, please e-mail me at jay.lechtman@gmail.com
Availability update:

(16) N. ventrata
(6) N. ventricosa x Tiveyi 'A'
(5) N. ventricosa x gymnanphora
(2) N. maxima dark x talangensis

Willing to trade multiple cuttings for a single cutting of most of the plants in my want list.
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