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Lil Stinkpot

Lucky Greenhorn
I'm looking for some of the following to fill in a really neat pot I got.

(CA specific forms, if possible)
Pinguicula macroceras
P. macroceras var. macroceras
Drosera rotundifolia
D. anglica
D. x obovata

The Utrics can go around the pot, since apparently they're all aquatic.
Utricularia intermedia
U. macrorhiza
U. minor
U. ochroleuca

I know some of these will be impossible. I'd be happy with a couple dews and a ping.

Here is a list of what I have to offer. Sorry for the crummy cameraphone pics.

N. alata
N. miranda division
N. ventrata vine, 6'+
Medium-ish coastal cobra division
S. formosa (like a slightly bigger Bug Pipes)

S. Bug Pipes

S. leuc. x purpurea

a young S. purpuria apalachicola x leucophylla hot pink

S. leuc. x minor giant. It looks boring now, but it turns almost black later.

S. gilpini

S. Mardi Gras

S. leuc. x umlauftiana


Here's my project pot, what I want the CA plants for. I was thinking that, since I went though all the effort in getting some serpentine to go with the cobras, and the root that caused the rockfall that got me the rocks (the root came down with it's own rockfall), I might as well finish it up, and make a California themed container garden.


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Those look familiar. :awesome:
Don't they now? :D Your box went in the mail yesterday, BTW. I looked at my Drosophyllum seeds, and though the pods are brown, the seeds are still green. D'oh! I'll send them when they're ready.
I've updated the list, and added some pictures of the plants on offer. I'll trade for anything on the list, even seeds.
PM sent. Love that S. leuc x minor giant. Would love to see a pic of it later when it changes color.
A trade is in the works for some plants/seeds that fit the theme. Thanks! I will leave the offer open, though, for anyone who might have some of the more obscure plants available. ;-)