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Kyle's Carnivorous Basement Adventures [Picture HEAVY]

Well, with the new GH in the basement, I figure it's time to start a new thread. Things are a changin'. ;p

So to kick this thread off, I experimented with my new extension tubes. Kind of a PITA to get used to, but I really like them now, haha. So let's get this party started!

Click any image for full size.

D. burmannii

D. spatulata x capensis

D. enodes "Scott's River"

D. slackii

D. spatulata "Pink Flower"

C. follicularis

N. 'Judith Finn'

N. x ventrata

P. primuliflora

P. dontknow

Random sporophytes
wow thats awesome! I really love the ceph.
Very nice pictures. What camera/lens/extension tubes do you use?
Wow! Stunning.... absolutely stunning. Beautiful shots.
Wow... mighty fine pics and plants :0o:
very cool, love the sporophyte pic
Very nice Kyle! Love the spatulata x capensis shot.

What did you end up setting your aperture at?
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Holy ******* cow, amazing shots man!
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Those are some pro quality pics! Wow!
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Thank ya much, everyone, I really appreciate all the comments.

@mobile: Canon T1i with a Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM. These are the cheapy tubes I'm using. Very high quality for the price, IMO. Solid aluminum construction, very well machined.

@Drew: f/14. Thanks again for pointing out the preview button!
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Oh dear Lord. Think I just had a heart attack..
spatulata x capensis gave me goose bumps.
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Everything looks great, that D. spatulata Pink Flower stalk is :drool:
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Great pics! Looks like some of your Drosera need gemmae harvesting..
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Thanks, you guys.

@lance: Indeed. Need to wait until I pick up another tray for them, though. XD
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Very nice pics. Love the ceph macros:).
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lol, cool pics... but wrong thread
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Pretty! Everyone looks great! :) :clap: :hail:

You should take pictures of the mist, and the little ventrata pitcherlings in the mist. :p