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This is what is ending up flower stalks right now:

D. omissa

D. indica

D. hartmeyerorum

D. capensis 'Broadleaf' (Brie)

D. burmannii (Divaskid)

D. communis (Crissytal)

D. hamiltonii (Crissytal)

D. nidiformis (Mgher)

B. liniflora (Mickey)
:-O..Woah wee!! love some Hamiltonii seeds if you get any extras for trade.nice Pics too by the way.
Oooo the burmannii is in flower! :-D
You should see mine, they're still less than the size of dime! I've been growing them outside and theres been so little light, I'm surprised theyre still alive. Still trucking along though...

Congrats on the flowers! Save a bunch of seed from it to plant. They tend to be more of an annual and die once they've flowered. At least in my growing conditions anyway ;)
At the moment, while I'm getting several flowers, and have tried my hand at hand-pollinating, the D. hartmeyerorum hasn't produced seeds... yet. These are second generation plants, so i'm hopeful. The B. liniflora has been the most prolific, followed by D. indica.
my burmannii only started getting bigger after it was fed regularly. make some crosses.
LOL! Feed early and often!
Great plants, Jim. I especially like the photo of the Byblis flowers. I don't think that's D. hamiltonii, tho'. D. spatulata, maybe?
Here's another picture, pre-stalk:

That's D.hamiltonii on the left, looks like spatulata on the right.
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Characteristic of D. hamiltonii is that the leaves unroll like a carpet. Most other rosetted species "unhinge" or "unfold". You can see the difference between the two plants. I can't recall the botanical terms for these processes at the moment.

In any case D. hamiltonii is apparently self-incompatible so you would need genetically different plants to get seeds.
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:-O..Woah wee!! love some Hamiltonii seeds if you get any extras for trade.nice Pics too by the way.

Here's the D. mannii x omissa & D. 'Dork's Pink':


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B. liniflora, without the 10% bleach solution...
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LOL! Feed early and often!

admittedly it took me a couple tries to figure it out. lol. what inspired me to try was seeing how many insects my temperate plants had captured outside. now that I have/do feed my burmannii it does look nice...i suspect if i fed it more I may get a seedstalk from it.

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I use pulverized freezed dried bloodworms.