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I'm a long-time plant hobbyist, mostly have kept various epiphytic cacti, especially Rhipsalis, but lately I've gotten "into" the primitive plants like Selaginellas and Liverworts and of course, the CP's. My intro to the CP obsession came with me seeing various carnivores occasionally offered for sale at reptile shows. I bought a young rooted cutting of Nepenthes miranda x hybrid at a reptile show last spring, and quite by chance, found a decent-looking N. alata at a Bi-Lo supermarket early last fall, which has graced my classroom window since and been the subject of much discussion at the school where I teach Middle School Science. It has done very well for me, so I've since attempted to branch out to some other CP families. I still need a lot of advice and assistance, though, which is why I joined up here, so please bear with me in my CP "noob" phase!
Welcome! Most likely your alata is actually a N. x ventrata. they are commonly sold mislabeled as N. alata. There is all sorts of information and helpful people to be found here. Also if you are interested myself and another member here have formed the Carolina Carnivorous Plant Society and you are more than welcome to join there as well. So far we are just a facebook group but we are hoping to expand soon. Again, welcome to TF!
Welcome to TF!
How hot does that window get (in spring/fall)?

I don't know, honestly, but the plant really seems to like it there because it's "taken off" since I got it, keeping its original pitchers for months(still has two in good shape)and now has 11 new pitchers that are just starting to spill over the edge of the pot. I mist it at least 2-3 times daily and only use distilled water, and it nabs plenty of flies, gnats and mosquitoes that get in, making it a pretty popular plant with my students.