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UPDATE: Looks like August 24th at 12:00pm is the best time to meet at my place. Email me for an address.

Hello Colorado! It looks like I have some extra plants that I would like to trade with other Colorado enthusiasts. I was thinking we could all get together some Saturday in August or early September. It will depend on when the most people can meet. We can meet at my house in Westminster or if someone else has a better idea I am open to that as well. I was hoping that people will post up in this thread what saturday is best and a list of plants they have to trade. Something like below:

Available: Any Saturday from late morning on.

Plants for trade:

(Rubra x Oreo) X (Oreo x Flava)
Flava X Willisi
Rubra Gulfensis x Flava
Alata maroon throat
Leuco x (leuco x purpurea)
(Leuco x flava) x leuco
Oreo x Willisi
Oreo X flava
Dana's Delight
Judith Hindle
Unknown hybrids
Rubra gulfensis and other Rubras
Leuco antho free
Flava X purpurea

Nepenthes (if the right offer came along before the meeting so I could prepare them)
Tentaculata cutting
Ampularia Harlequin cutting
Ventricosa rooted cutting
Mimosa cutting
Miranda -large plant hardened off to CO humidity

laueana X emarginata

binata seedlings ( need to know interest before as these are in a pot with something else)

1 year seedlings
mature typical
mature dentata

seedlings - very tiny right now, mountain variety

So all CO enthusiasts please reply and we can set this up and do some swaps before it gets too late in the year. Thanks!

P.S. Even if you don't have anything to trade I might do some give always to people that show up if I have plants that do not get traded by the end of the get together.
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I would love to get together, honestly there is not a whole lot I'm looking for but it would still be fun.

Cool! Jeremiah is on board. For all those that do not know him, he is a very highly respected Colorado grower and founder of the Colorado Carnivorous Plant Society. He also has great plants that he sells.

Keep it coming Colorado!
Count me in! I just made a Doodle poll to organize the date and time. Here's a link. I am fine meeting wherever. I would also be willing to host if Aurora is determined to be a more central location for those interested. Or we could go to Jeremiah's if he's willing. His plants are always so inspiring and I haven't made my annual pilgrimage yet :).

This is what I have available to offer:

P. pirouette plantlets
P. Titan pullings
P. laueana X emarginata pullings
P. agnata X emarginata pullings
P. Aphrodite pullings
P. moranensis pullings
U. warburgii plug
N. kampotiana
N. mirabilis XX kuchingensis
N. ventricosa unrooted cutting
N. Splendid Diana rooted cutting
N. Splendid Diana X ventricosa young seedlings (lots!)
N. Red Leopard unrooted basal
D. adelae plantlets
D. capensis
D. aliciae seed (possibly)
Orchids (pending my wife's approval)

As Brandon said, some notice of interest would be nice so I can get the plants people want ready. Looking forward to meeting everyone!
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Awesome, I put my votes in on the Doodle poll.

As for plants to trade I have a bunch of interesting hybrid Sarracenia seedlings, possible a couple adults Sarr's, and let me check on Nep's...
You guys are more then welcome to come down to my place pretty much any afternoon this month as long as I have a couple days notice.

Makes me wish I was in Colorado!! I'd love to see your GH Jeremiah. I don't know anyone in my area that grows. Closest is a few hours away.
Although, I live in texas, depending on the date, Id love to go :) I wouldnt have anything to trade, but a cool gathering would be fun :)
Anyone else around CO want to come? Possibly a free plant in it for you even if you don't have one to trade!
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I will have the following to trade for sure:

S. oreo x leuco 'purple lips' - seedlings 1-2"
S. 'Dana's Delight' x oreo - seedlings 1-2"
N. albo 'green' - seedlings just putting on second true leaves
N. singalana (Belirang) - ~ .5 in.
and a division from an award winning Phragmipedium 'grande' if there's any interest in that...

I will likely bring some things to give away as well...
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Alright, it has been almost a week so I will go ahead and set a date. It looks like August 24th at 12:00 is the best time to start. Now that there is a set date hopefully more locals will chime in about showing up for free plants!
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I have a TDS meter and some pH strips if anyone wants to check their water for use on carnivorous plants. Just bring a sample to the meet up and we can see about testing it.
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I will be there. My collection is small these days, so I don't have anything to trade unless someone really wants cuttings from an N. Miranda I got at Paulino's last year. I'm also interested in testing water and/or finding someone who has an RO system or something so I can stop buying distilled jugs.
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Updated 1st post with a few more plants I could trade.
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Huge thanks to our host! It was great to see a nice collection and meet new CP growers! I'm looking forward to a fall meetup at Jonathan's place down south. Thanks again for the S. Leuco x Purp and for a bite to eat on Saturday! I am terrible with names, but I know someone took a photo or 2 of Trevor and me which I'd like to get a copy of. I can post the pics I snapped too.
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It would be great to see some photos if people want to share. I'm looking forward to the next meeting in October also.
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Sorry I couldnt make it, It was going to be an 8 hour drive for me to get there from amarillo texas
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Sorry I couldnt make it, It was going to be an 8 hour drive for me to get there from amarillo texas

Well, I think the next one will be at Jeremiah's if that makes it worthwhile for you to come up.