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Dec 11, 2004
Olympia, Washington
Up for grabs here are Darlingtonia from my first batch of seed planted winter '05 (I think.) Many of the original-growth rosettes are from pots I planted in live sphagnum which were subsequently smothered for a few years and therefore may still be somewhat dwarfed, but all the plants I intend to send out will have adult-shaped pitchers even if they still appear small. I also have stolon cuttings from my most vigorous seed-grown individuals (I'm holding on to the original rosettes of these for sentimental and other obvious reasons.) Because these plants are in a way my babies, I will give preference to growers with proven track records or favorable climates when considering offers - sorry to discriminate. If you're uncertain but enthusiastic, I still want to hear from you.
According to some, seed-grown Darlingtonia tend to have greater vigor and durability when compared to TC or death-cube individuals, which makes sense to me from a botany/horticultural standpoint. However, I'm spoiled by my locality, so all I can say for sure is that these little guys have been real champs even in midsummer heat waves. They are proven growers both in sub-par light and excessive heat, but for the past year they've been in ideal full-sun conditions and are happy and beautifully colored as a result. In the past I've had a couple bounce back quickly from drying out in a tiny pot and being toasted ghost-white, and I've never heard of such a miraculous recovery with other cobras. I was absolutely sure they were a loss when I first discovered them, but a few days soaking up to their crown brought them right back. I've since begun to suspect that my seed may have been from some exceptionally tough parents. I can provide information on the seed source upon request if you wish to investigate their lineage.
Also available are two moderately large rhizome divisions of a healthy plant from a reputable nursery, separated over a year ago - maybe two years but I'm a little fuzzy on that particular detail. Last year's growth had leaves about six inches in length, but the mother plant was much larger (upwards of a foot tall/~16" long) before division so I expect them to jump up in size this season if treated well. It attempted to flower two or three years ago but I messed it up before the flower matured. They're both rootstock sections so it's likely that they have multiple growth points by now; I'll verify that detail before trading.
Smaller individuals may require a bit of TLC to get established in hotter/drier climates. Alternately they can be grown out next to highland Nepenthes with a little research and consideration. In order to maximize your chances of success, I will provide sufficient live Sphagnum cuttings to start a culture in a five-inch pot with all plants, but you will be responsible for providing proper media. (I recommend a peat-based mix using lava rock or perhaps hydroton for aeration/drainage; no sympathy if you botch the substrate. These are healthy plants but not superheroes.) If you're willing to pay shipping I am open to mailing them potted, but these are in half-gallon pots so it will not by any means be cheap.
Pics to follow once I have a chance to get outside/dig around my archives for previous years.
I'll just copy-and-paste from my N. alata x maxima post; the same reasoning applies here. I absolutely will not trade these for a larger quantity of common plants. I appreciate such offers, and apologize for not being able to entertain them, but I simply do not have the means to take on much more at this time. Valuable/rare plants, larger/vining Nepenthes that I can use for future clones, or temperate plants appropriate for cold and wet Pacific NW winters are preferred.
Alternately, growing equipment, computer/electronics parts, RC toys, CP books, hard-to-find videogames, etc. may pique my interest. Being that my major constraints are time and growing space, I can be much more flexible on non-plant offers. No promises, but I may also be persuaded to trade for proportionate groups of common Mexi-Pings or other characteristically small species, though only on the condition that you can hold your side of the trade until a later date when I have space and materials to pot up new additions to my collection - in such situations I'm happy to advance you my plants so long as I recognize you to be a reliable and trustworthy part of the community.
If you PM me with an offer, please clearly state what you're looking for in the title to help me stay organized.
Thanks everybody. :)
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Nov 16, 2006
Los Angeles, CA
Hmmm, I wouldn't mind getting some different genetic stock. My seed grown from 2006/2007 probably still have at least another 3 years before they flower. It looks like my D. 'Othello' x ? might not have made it through dormancy however. I've been exchanging pollen with other growers when possible with my mature plants (bought from an online nursery).

I'll drop you a PM and see what we can work out.

Recent shot of my main pot, last years pitchers. Yet to start new pitchers but I spotted some flowers starting.