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Hey guys new to the forum

Hey everyone as some of you may know i reside in michigan, but am getting a new assignment in Massachusetts! To start a little bit about me. I was an extensive collector and grower of cacti, rare tropicals, CP's and orchids but sadly my apartment lost power last winter and froze everything to death except 2 cacti. roughly over $5g worth of stuff. But now I am getting back into the scene of propagation and collection of CP's. I hold two degrees in plant and soil science but i am still learning everyday. so i hope theres a good amount of you in the NE that i can trade/ get stuff from :-D

feel free to ask questions
Welcome to the forum and to New England ! We have a great carnivorous plant society here. Be sure to check it out. Where in Mass are you moving to ?
@cthulhu138 sorry about earlier on the chat board i had to go out. and a town near uxbridge and douglas. so im going to be on the border of RI and 15 mins from CT
hey Biozest what part of RI are you from. I spent time in newport as a child.
Narraganset, like two miles from the beach. Newport is really nice too, I love going to see the Newport mansions.
ive been to your beach with $25 parking hahahaha. I know where you are. awesome ill have new plant nerd friends when i get my new assignment
Plenty of plant nerds round these parts.
:lol: yeah there are...
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good cause after loosing my collection to an apartment freeze, it has put me in a sad mood. some stuff was irreplaceable that was given to me by people that are no longer here.
life goes on
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That's a bum out. I'm sure your collection will be back up to par in no time between the people at the NECPS and on here. Look forward to meeging you at our monthly meetings.
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Welcome to TF!
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ill definitely be at the meetings! i dont get out much
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what do you grow?

i will have some drosera seedpods on the way.....im sure i can spare some pods as well as some small clones.
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Welcome to TFs :)
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Welcome to the forum!
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@cpbobby what didnt i grow. haha. i had alot of basics of lowland and highlands with a few interesting ones in the mix. bulbophyllum orchids, and miniatures. tons of butterworts and vft that i divided and propagated. It was all propagated material. Now i just have a few rare cacti, a fish tank with azola and salvinia. I also have a climbing onion that grows like mad and i divide large babies off of it every few months. I have a small indoor rice bog. a vft sundew butter wort and trigger plant. But i am moving to Massachusetts so once i am there my collection shall begin to grow more
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Welcome to TF, and very sad to hear about your collection, but glad you are here to re-start again your collection!! :)
I used to owed more than 3500++++ plants but had to sell it all, it was sad but I can't wait to start my collection again sometime in the future.