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In recent years my hobbies have been focused around living wall set ups & growing orchids indoors. About a year ago I acquired two N. alata that were very patient with me while I figured out their care. Then I recently started looking into pings when I developed a gnat problem in my orchid collection. Well, I am now seriously fascinated by carnivorous plants! So far I have a few pings, a couple VFT and about 10 different sundews. Next I want to try raising some pings or dews from seed and also set up a mini bog pot with a compact growing sarracenia.

I've been reading the forum for a while and I'm very happy to be a part of it. I'm especially impressed by the pay-it-forward "program" you guys have going. I'll be sharing some of my extra D. Natalensis seedlings when they get a bit bigger.

glad to be here!
Welcome, :wave: You've been bitten by the bug, alright. The CP bug, that is.
Welcome to TF! Orchids led me here due to gnats also. I liked it so much I stayed. Cant remember what happened to them orchids tho lol
Welcome to Terraforums! I would love to see pictures of your plants.
Welcome to TF!