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Happy Birthday Lil Stinkpot!

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Happy Birthday Stinky! :lol:

Hope you have yourself good time today!
Happy birthday Katie! hope all is well!
happy birthday
Happy Birthday KT!! :glomp:

May all your gliding, CP, FIAT dreams come true..
HAPPY B-DAY! Don't forget to post up pics of bday goodies cuz knowing you, it'll be something good :awesome:
Happy Birthday!!!
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Happy birthday Katie!
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Happy Birthday....

....to meeeee!

Thanks, guys!

Alas, no, I didn't get much. My friends and I are all participating in a mandatory austerity program. On the plus side, I DID just go to pick up some ollllld RC gliders from a fellow who's lost interest. One is just like my purple one, saome model, but done up in Mardi Gras colors. Woot!
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Happy Belated Birthday Katie!!