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Another life moment of mine, documented here.


I'm growing CPs in the Desert of Tucson, Az
So most of you probably don't know much about me, or really the origin of this forum. I did not create this forum. It was a support forum to, one of the earliest CP stores on the internet. I joined when the forum was new (7/2001), only a couple months old. I believe I was member #24 or #26. I frequented this forum and made many digital friends, a few whom I even would speak to on the phone while I drove long distances for work. Eventually I was asked to be moderator and when the owner decided to sell the store, and that buyer didn't want the forum... Since I loved this place so much and had shared so much of myself to these strangers I called friends. I decided to buy the forum and save it from what I thought would be it getting picked up by some advertiser with no love for CPs, looking to plaster it with ads and no moderators till it crashed. Since these events are quite a while ago, here is a recap.
Life events I announced on this forum include:
My wife's first pregnancy As some of you have herd...

Announcing that our baby was born early, and sick with a chromosome discorder and would not live Our baby entered the world early.

His passing Our baby entered the world early.

Members of this forum got together and paid to have his name put on a memorial wall. Which is just moments away from the house we since purchased and now live in. We've had birthday parties there, and sometimes just eat there. A very special thanks,

Our next pregnancy: I think it's time...

This thread had photos: Yay! Baby is here! Pics inside!

Our 3rd pregnancy, a sneaky public announcement haha: Happy Birthday to:

#3's birth: Today!!

Of course there are others but that's the major ones. Well, on to Saturday 5/20/23. This is what I'm here to announce today (in keeping up with tradition!!) Our daughter Laurel, has graduated high school!! I could never say enough about her. She is sweet, loving, factual, strong in her beliefs, beautiful and very street smart. She loves to dance, draw and work on cars. Through her life, she has participated in many competitions and shows. She was the president of the car club in high school, president of S. Arizona for Skills USA and a huge contributor to the performances in dance. She's held a job since she was old enough to and now has an application in with a large automotive dealer in town trying to get into their Ford Asset program where they will alternate going to a trade school for automotive repair and working side by side with a master tech (where she will be paid) for 2 years and come out a master tech at the dealership, schooling paid for and a stack of cash (from dealership) to buy tools to get started.

I, I mean... WE!!! absolutely couldn't be more proud. 😊


This is the nurse that took care of our first son in the NICU that our daughter is named after and her husband

Myself, Laurel and my wife. (Our son only took 1 photo, so no options other than the mid word mouth and hair blowing away. Sorry Deangela!!! 😆

PS She thinks it's fun that these stories come up when she searches her name on the internet. She will probably see this sooner since she signed up here now, but it'll be fun for her to come across this post. :cool: 😉
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Yeehaw, congrats to the family! It's wild to have been here for most/all of it. Time flies...
Laurel would get a thumbs up from me just for her love of working on cars! Congrats to her for graduating and to you all!