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Sarracenia Collector
Well, today, we (parents and i) went to the person where we buy lots of cps. Anyways, my dad bought:
2 VFTS 2 Purpureas, and 2 Spathulatas.
I bought(lots):
Mardi Gras
Rubra Rubra
Dana's delight
2 minors,
and a swaniana (purpurea x minor)
I got a free Utricularia Cornuta or juncea(right now, i think its juncea)
I bought VFT
Drosera Intermedia NC,
Filiformis red (not florida red)
Wow, very nice! Got any pictures? Or will you be taking any anytime soon? I'd like to see your S. x 'Mardi Gras'.
Ill take them when i get back... ill have a whole vacation photo thread with like 250 photos. And the mardi gras and moorei were growing in a shaded greenhouse, so they're not very colorful, mainly green and red, i cant wait for them to have white

I almost bought a dixie lace and cobra nest but there was whitefly on it
Oh, wow, 250 seems massively a lot for a picture thread. o.o Might want to downsize it.
Yeah, i would maybe have some seperate threads, like alderman trail seperate(most photos taken there)
Nice grab! Good luck with all of them, you'll love the Mardis Gras.

Here's what you can look forward to


I know ill love the mardi gras! i'v been wanting one for 4 years
oh, and, my total was only $54