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hey tf, im looking for some more trades, gona keep this one short and sweet cause the last one i typed i i clicked preview and it went to the log in screen, then everything delted....lol, anyway heres what i got:

x/x pending estimate or real count on plants pending
*_* taken

n. maxima cuttings (no gurrantee just trimmed the acclimating plant back because the vines were long, so clipped few branches back there in water and were cut few days ago) 1/3
pinguicula moranensis (starts) 2/5
pinguicula agnata (starts) 1/3
pinguicula 'sethos' (cuttings/starts) 2/5
sarracenia flava(pretty sure positive id) 1/2
random sarracenia (nice division with growth just to young to name, from my growlist) 1/3
drosera capensis 0/10+
drosera adelae (small starts) 0/2

kalanchoe cuttings 3 varieties
*spider plants 3 varieties 10+ plants (the rest of what i got)*
umbrella tree rooted/ing cuttings rooted go first 0/5
purple heart plant (the rest of what i got)
silver leopard plant large clump (the rest of what i got)

common daylily 0/15+
iris 0/10
hardy mums
wild white violets 0/20
jerusalem artichokes 0/5

seeds from seed bank[growlist], most willing to give some might be harder to get...dont think im doing a garden this year so basically all vegetables and flowers, most herbs

im looking for:
sarracenia i dont have
rest of sarracenia bug series
rest of nepenthes 'koto' series
nepenthes dragons ??? :)
nepenthes ventrata (nice sized not just rooted cutting)
nepenthes 'lady pauline'
nepenthes ventricosa x inermis
nepenthes spectabilis x ventricosa
nepenthes sibuyanensis x ventricosa
nepenthes sibuyanensis x truncata
nepenthes truncata x spathulata
nepenthes alata x maxima (got a cutting last year all the others took, just not this one id like another chance on this hybrid)
nepenthes ventricosa (red, black peristome)
nepenthes talangensis (mine might not make it :( )
nepenthes alata varieties not on my growlist
not in circulation anymore???
nepenthes ventricosa 'hot lips'
nepenthes 'jungle bells'
tons of others, basically not on my growlist, cuttings, basals, etc
hybrids with (truncata/spathulata/veichii, lowii, and more)
drosera capensis large plants (albo, red, broad leaf, etc) not typical narrow leaf
pinguicula gypsicola
pinguicula esseriana
others not on my growlist

trades will be postponed for 1-2 weeks but you can reserve your plants, spent a ton on shipping awhile ago and still working it off...(only 14)...i can ship potted or not, please though if potted make sure shipping evens out on both sides....ships usps (USA), more plants will be added as more become available

thanks for looking
I am interested in your pings, sarracenia, and the spider plants. What I currently have for trade is cuttings from an N. Alata and XL cutting (leaf span of about 2 feet) of a Miranda that has pitchers in it about 12 inches long. These would be unrooted cuttings and you would have to root them.

I also have
N. Sanguinea
N. ventricosa (red pitchers)
N. Madagascariensis
N. Judith Finn

Those are rooted and small to medium sized plants.

In July I am receiving an order from Borneo Exotics which will include several of the other nepenthes that you were asking for in your list, like ventricosa x inermis, etc. but that particular plant is very expensive even with a leaf span of 2-3 inches and I don't think I'm going to want to trade for it unless it is an even trade money-wise. I'm getting 15 different varieties in, some that will have a price tag starting at 15 dollars going up to about 100 dollars per small plant. I have been a hobbyist for about 10 years, but have recently opened a nursery and this order is going to be for sell in my local nursery.

I am moving, packing my computer today or tomorrow, and won't have it set back up again for a few days, so I won't be able to respond back to you right away. If you are interested in trading for anything that I have on hand at the moment, please set aside the spider plants and any of the others that you feel will be an even trade. I particularly want any pings and sarracenia that you want to trade for these neps. Thanks! I'll get back to you when I get back online.

Pm'd, thanks