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Sorry for a second post on pests but I rather get rid of them then regret not doing anything. I have a small 2.5 gallon tank with my nepenthes ampullaria and my utricularia longifolia and apparently fungus gnat larvae are snacking on my live sphag. Usually I have no problem with fungus gnats since they end up as free sarracenia, drosera, or pinguicula food but the larvae are really bothering me. The tank has a lid to increase humidity so the pots are always moist. Normally I would just let the top inch of the soil dry out but a) This would dry out the sphag b) lower humidity in tank drastically and c) probably kill the utricularia. A few days ago I saw a strand of sphag that seemed to have holes in it so I thought maybe its just rotting or something, but today after I closely inspected it i saw a clear worm moving and I realized the damage was being done by fungus gnat larvae.

Now I need some sort of pesticide or way of killing the larvae that won't harm the nep or utricularia, and that won't kill the sphag. i read on nematodes and mosquito dunks, does anyone have any experience using these?

Many thanks in advance,
Put a sheet of the yellow sticky insect paper in there. It won't kill the larvae right away (they spend about two weeks in that stage), but they'll all be dead soon enough.