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Free D. ultramafica (w/ strings)

** Closed **

I have a small pot of D. ultramafica seedlings that need to find a new home. These seedlings are apparently the real deal (seed collected by one of the guys who described/discovered the species). Unlike the ultramafica hybrid being circulated that grows like a weed, these seedlings grow slowly (very slowly) & require reasonable HL conditions.

- able to provide HL conditions and have some experience
- once plants get some size - willing to propagate & share with others
- have patience to carefully pick out moss to not destroy seedlings
- live in USA

This is not a random giveaway, I will select the person who will get the plants. The plants will be mailed out Tuesday. If you are interested, email me at:

- - - - -

and include your mailing address. If I don't know who you are (new or infrequent poster on CP forums), it's probably a good idea to include some info about your growing experience (no need to write a book - just give me a clue).
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Thanks to everyone who expressed an interest. I'm sorry that I was not willing to split the pot of seedlings to have more to spread around. With some luck, the recipient may be able to share some down the road. The packaged is prepped for shipment & will be delivered to the post office in the morning with tracking info direct from USPS.