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Hi Everybody

Please review the rules for after the Auction closes. If you have any questions, please ask!

Andrew will be closing the auction forum at approximately 10 p.m. on Saturday, June 21st, EASTERN DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME (check your time zone for ending time in your area.)

Once the auction has closed:

1) Find the auction listing(s) in which you were ending high bidder (winner). Get the lister's contact info which SHOULD be in the starting post of the item. Within three days the high bidder should contact the lister(s) with their shipping information so they can be getting ready to ship your item(s). Also if the buyer is paying shipping, contact the lister to get the address you will send your shipping fee to.[Listers...you can contact the high bidders as well if you want to.] Remember that NO ITEM WILL BE DELIVERED UNTIL THE DONATION TO NASC IS RECEIVED. So how fast you get your item will depend on how fast you get your payment in to Schloaty (Dave), NASC Treasurer.

A buyer has 30 days to pay for the item(s) and get shipping fees (if required) to the donor; after that time period, the bid will be voided and the item will be offered to the next highest bidder. Listers have 14 days to ship their items once notified that NASC has received payment.

2) Add up the item(s) you won.

Payment can be made by personal check, money order, cashier's check or PayPal.

Make your checks out to: North American Sarracenia Conservancy

Send your total payment amount for the ITEMS ONLY (not shipping fees!) via snail mail to:

NASC Treasurer
ATTN: David Schloat
17 Nash Road
North Salem, NY 10560

If you are MAILING a payment in, please use this handy PDF form. *Print it out, fill it in with the above information and send with your payment:

Auction Buyer's Payment Form

Paypal to: treasurer (at) nasarracenia.org
Make SURE you include a message in the "Note" section with all appropriate info, we know who is paying for what/how many items. If applicable, please note the TerraForum ID names to help us locate the item and donor quickly.

*Shipping payments will be sent directly to the LISTER, not to Dave (Schloaty).


With your payment, you MUST include the following information:

*Your Forum ID Name (if you are a TF member)
*Your real name
*Your COMPLETE mailing address

ALSO include:
*the lister's (donor's) forum name [and real name is helpful to if you know i] or real name if its a Guest Bid
*the item(s) you won, listed separately
*the amount for EACH item listed separately
*Your phone number and email in case of problems

If the winner is paying for shipping, please get the NAME and ADDRESS of the lister and send your shipping payment directly to him/her.

There will be a SAMPLE of what information is needed and how it should be written up at the bottom of this post.

3) The high bidder will have 30 days from the close of NASC Auction 2007 to make payment for their item(s) and pay shipping if required. If an item is not paid for within 30 days, that final bid is nullified and the item will be offered to the next highest bidder. Each successive high bidder has 30 days to make payment.

4) For those shipping items out: Schloaty (Dave) will notify the lister/seller when payment has been received. The donor has 14 days to mail their item(s) once notified by Dave that payment has been received. Take good care with packing so there are no disappointments upon receipt. It is up to the BUYER to REQUEST (and pay for) insurance if its desired.

Please be patient. Schloaty is going to have a hard job receiving all this mail and money. In the meantime, anyone who needed shipping payments should have it by then.

PLEASE PLEASE...Do not just pop a check in an envelope and mail it to Schloaty. He MUST have all that information so he knows "who", "what" and "where"! Lets not give him a nervous breakdown!

If anyone has any questions, problems or concerns, please contact me (PlantAKiss; PlantAKiss (at) aol.com). I would like to ask all of you to be responsible in getting payments in and items out and ESPECIALLY in including ALL the information requested so we know what is going where. Let's successfully get through the transaction part of it.

You guys are absolutely the BEST CPers around! You have HEART and a lot to be proud of! If you didn't win anything at all...don't feel bad (well...ok...feel a LITTLE bad...). It was all for a valuable cause and you were a BIG part of it! You all stepped up to the plate whereas most people don't do anything but talk a good talk. Thank you SOOO much for participating and being a part of supporting NASC. *****Lots of applause for you folks!!! *****

SAMPLE of the info needed when you make your payment to NASC:

Forum name: PlantAKiss

Suzanne CPGrower
0000 Drosera Street
Richmond, VA 23227-4414

Phone: 1-000-123-4567 *Email: PlantAKiss (at) aol.com

Items won:
Utricularia pauliniae, listed by Ozzy for $20
Nepenthes tobiaca, listed by PlantAKiss for $15
VFT Pink Venus, listed by Tony Paroubek for $20


- PAKtioneer-
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The PayPal address has been corrected. It is treasurer (at) nasarracenia (dot) org.

Thanks for the correction. You folks do want the money, right?
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Umm I just sent the paypal payment to the old email....What should I do? Sry for not reading the rest of the way...
I've already submitted payment to the other address: NASCbank (at) earthlink.net... What do I do?
I went to my PayPal account and canceled the earthlink.net payment. It might take a couple days before you can transfer the funds back to your bank/credit card account though.
I believe that Dave still uses that email address. I'll check on it and let you guys know.
Hi All,

I don't use the earthlink addy any longer. Don't know how I missed that above. Very sorry for the confusion.

You should be able to cancel funds sent to the wrong address since they won't have been claimed.
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So as a donater I wait for a PM and then the shipping payment then ship my CPS that are packed very well right ?
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So as a donater I wait for a PM and then the shipping payment then ship my CPS that are packed very well right ?

Correct. You'll get a pm from Dave telling you that you can ship.

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Okie dokie... I cancelled my payment to the earthlink address, so I'll wait until the funds have been moved back into my PayPal account (it takes 3 to 5 days) and then I'll resubmit payment to the new address.

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Alright cool I'll sit around and wait. I already have everything together :D
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I canceled my paypal order with the old address and never received my money. Was wondering how I could get the money back from the double payment? Thanks.