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drosera seed stalk growing without plant???

I was checking one of my little propagation containers and to my surprise one of my seedstalk clippings has turned and grown up through the sphagnum to get to the light.

I wonder if it will grow a root or flower or what?


I don't see anything, it will probably sprout plantlets if it is that robust.
I had that happen with my Drosera binata flower stalks. I cut them off to save the plant energy and then decided to try to put them in soil and see if plantlets would form. Instead they acted like they were about to flower and then died quickly.
hmmm should probably cut the pods off then and maybe they will go back to making plantlets.
Maybe you will have better luck than I did. My stem cuttings also perished. So far, I haven't had any luck getting plantlets from flower stalks. I have, however, done 3 or 4 leaf cuttings from my binata and this last cutting produced plantlets in only a couple weeks which was record time for me.
What species are you propagating?