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Dennis Hastings

A friend of mine and a local Carnivorous Plant grower that specialized in Cephalotus passed away. I had not heard from him this summer and just this weekend I got a call from his wife looking to give away his plants.

He died in April and his plants not been watered since. A lot of them were really starting to dry out but from the looks of the root system most look like they should come back.

I picked up the plants and 50gal aquariums this Saturday and cleaned everything up this weekend. Here are a few quick photos of the setup. If anyone has any suggestions on helping the plants recover let me know.

For those interested here is what his plants looked like under his care. http://thecephalotus.info/html/growing.html























Very nice of ya Jeremiah.
Im sure his wife appreciated you taken the plants and he would have been honored.

Well done,
Sorry to hear it, Jeremiah. I'm sure they couldn't have gone to a better grower, though.
that's so tragic, but at the same time very awesome...it's kinda cool that in a way a person lives on through their collection. cant think of a better grower for them to go to either!
Omg that's so awful to hear :cry:
WHAT!?!? Dennis died? that's horrible..
I'd say 1/3 of my cephs since I started collecting have all come directly from him. Really nice guy..
He will be missed.

For those of you that don't know the DH name, I'm sure most of you will recognize his website: http://thecephalotus.info/html/for_sale.html
Rest in peace buddy. I hope your plants live on forever and carry out in your memory.

JH, I have been trying to contact him over the past few months trying to acquire another 'double ribbed' and "vigorous" clone ceph. If you have any in there to trade (or whatever), please let me know. It'd be really special to me knowing they were once his.
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So sorry to hear about that! Although I didn't know him, he seemed like a great guy with quite a bit of knowledge on Cephs. :( Thats pretty suprising, that the Cephs are still alive after many months of no water. If you have any plans to trade or giveaway some cephs, please keep me in mind. I'd love to help his Cephs live on as well. RIP.
That's very sad :(
He had a good hand for these cephs
That is extremely sad, I bought plants from him. He was a amazing person :(
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I am very sad to hear of Dennis' passing; and he and I corresponded a bit and exchanged plants over the years.

Jeremiah, if the roots look good as you say, the plants will bounce back in your care. I saw areas in South Australia that had seen brush fire; and yet those damn little plants persisted . . .
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Thanks guys,

I talked to his wife and she said it was just one day he got up was in a great mood and said good bye to his wife, went to work. At work I guess his heart just stopped (Sudden Cardiac Arrest) and he was dead before anyone knew what had happened. He had always been it good shape and had no previous heart problems.

None of the plants are available for trade at this time, his wife wanted me to hang on to them for a while. If everything goes well I should have plenty to trade in a year or so.

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Wow, that's awful to hear.

Him and I had been emailing back and forth a couple of months ago about me buying my first ceph from him, kinda sucks now knowing why he didn't get back to me.

I did not know him as well as all of you I'm sure, but I am very sorry to hear that he passed.

My thoughts go out to his family.

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That specimen I won Plant of The Month with in August came from Dennis a little more than a year ago; it was my first Cephalotus and I am particularly attached to, and proud of it. I am so sorry to hear of Dennis' passing. My condolences to his wife. :-(
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no kidding. That's the 2nd case I've heard of that happening so far this year.
what a shame.

I was at a poker game here just after New Years this year.. Mike, one of my friends, got up and wandered onto the casino floor for a smoke. At which time his heart just stopped and he died right there.
Same thing, no previous heart conditions or problems. And no signs of any oncoming heart distress.
scary thought..
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Condolences to his family. Seems like the CP community has been losing a few lately for one reason or another.
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Dang, he grew nice Cephalotus, never spoke to him, just saw his plants, didn't even know his name. Just knew he grew nice Cephalotus.

My thoughts go out to his family.
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This is terrible news. My condolences to his family.

Jeremiah, good luck with the cephalotus. Im sure they will do great for you.
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That is such sad news to hear. And a wake up call that our partners need to know who to call to deal with our plants so they don't become an unexpected burden.
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losing a friend is a terrible thing. my condolences.
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I'm sorry to hear that Jeremiah.I have seen his plants before,on the net not in person.I know you will that good care of them.