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Cremmy18 Picture Thread 2013

Hi all! Once my collection of CPs expands a bit more I hope to add a CP pic thread, however at this time I've been working on seed collections/swaps and exotic plants, succulents and just about everything else I can get my hands on lol! I love taking pictures and love sharing the beauty of the plants, so figured I'd start my own pic thread, as I only have over 4k pictures of them thus far...lmao! Enjoy, and feel free to message me or comment, I love learning and talking "plant" ! 90% of these pictures are recent as of the last 6 months and I'll be adding more as I can find time! Thanks again.

New Phal Orchid

String of Pearls, received via a swap in December

Lepismium Cruciforme, another swap goodie

String of Bananas Cuttings, from same trader as "string of pearls"

To Back/Left - Regular Jade, To Right/Front - Variegated Jade cutting, both from a swap

"Burrito" Sedum Morganianum, purchased from Logee's Greenhouses

My First Orbea variegata sprout!! From a swap from Greece <3

"Betty Myles Young" Passiflora, purchased blooming from Logee's Greenhouses <3

One of my NOID Swap glories in bloom (inside)

Indoor "Flying Disks" Morning Glory blooming indoors :)

Aristolochia "Peruviana" and Aristolochia gigantea "brasiliensis" both from Logee's Greenhouses

My amazing Xmas gift, created/built by my Dad, lighting compliments of my BF and loaded with plants by me :p

Dragon fruit "American Beauty" and "Guyute", both from an awesome swap for my First Nepenthes Miranda cutting!

More Phal Orchids <3
Very nice plants! but where are the carnivores?:-O What kind of lights are you using in your grow rack? The bulbs look like typical light bulbs. If you are going to use CFLs make sure to use daylight bulbs they provide a better spectrum from my understanding. Ideally I would go with HO T5s though, but they can be a little pricey.
Very cool setup your dad and bf must really love you to build that for you!
Looking good Lauren. I'm sure that set up will be full of carnivores in no time.
Lol, Thank you! I haven't had a ton of influx in the Carnivorous Plants department, I have about 8 of them...but I haven't gotten to the older pictures of those yet hence why i put this thread in "misc gardens" lol. My Miranda is doing splendidly, and my sarracenia areolata is being put into dormancy a bit late.. I'm hoping to add more pics of carnivorous plants though!! As to the comments on the lights, I do not deal quite so much with those as I should, however I'm told half are specifically for growing the plants..while the other half are normal bulbs. The BF did base the light "amounts" to those need for various plant stages. One day, I hope to make it a bit more "professional" :) As to my dad and BF loving me - that they do and I'm very lucky to have them both in my life <3
lol! Thank you, Johnny! I sure hope so, I love them but am still learning how to "not kill them" haha :)
I see you have some Aristolochia there. I just bought another A.gigantea. The last one did great until I started growing it as a house plant. The combination of low light/low humidity is what I think did it in. Should do fine in the front room April through September, just going to have to throw it in the greenhouse for the winter.
Yea, i have many random things that are said to do best in a full greenhouse or outside...but I like to test the fates and give things a shot lol :) It is good to know that how your trial went, I'll be sure to mist mine more often too. I hope they survive.. I'm working on getting a bigger pyramid trellis for them like my MGs have, but they're so hard to find at a decent price *sigh* I'm hoping that like my Morning glories that I've been told shouldn't survive indoors, that I can make it at least acceptable to them inside to stick around lol...if not, well I learned a fun lesson trying ;) I have seeds for "white veined" aristolochia i recently planted, however we shall see if they pop up for me :p If they do, they will be my back up for when/if I kill these off!
A few of the limited carnivore pics I have :/

Pink Sundew Sprouts - purchased seeds at ICPS convention in August 2012


Nepenthes "Lantern" Alata - Xmas gift, but purchased from Wellsprings Gardens I think..

My "Plant Closet", the "original greenhouse" lol, my sundew sprouts reside in here, along with a few other things

"Momma Miranda" Aka Nepenthes Miranda, purchased from The Umbrella Factory Nursery in RI, pitchers are going away :( Been with us since Labor Day though :)



Miranda cuttings back in October, traded away already :p


Goodies I went home with from the ICPS Convention in August 2012
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More Pictures, More Carnivores :)

New Beaver Tail Opuntia from a swap a few days ago, looking a bit angry from the cold transport, but hoping will perk up!

Nepenthes "Momma" Miranda, cutting #2 has finally rooted several months later

Some of the nodes on Momma Miranda's longest branch

Nepenthes "momma" miranda has a new growth!

Miranda is finally maturing enough to "vine"!!

Some of the Tillandsia's I got for my boyfriend this christmas

Sauromatum venosum bulb I got in a trade a few months ago has a spike!

My newest large phal up close :p It makes me think of snow angels lol!

Various Nepenthes - plants and cuttings
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The Sundew Sprout Movement

Thinning/Re-potting Pink Sundews and Capes today, all started from seed back on 8/20/12 :)




This big guy is a ferocious lil guy..he's got snacks in most of his dewdrop fingers :p
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Nepenthes "Lantern" Alata

Nepenthes maxima from Johnny has two new growths finally!!

Drosera - Cape sundew from seed


Nepenthes miranda cuttings (new!)

Nepenthes Miranda prior to March Pruning

Nepenthes Miranda after March 2013 Pruning (Currently has lots of new growth!)

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You have a very nice plants collection Cremmy18 :)
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Nice plants, however, the "Lantern Alata" as they call it is actually N. 'Rebecca Soper', a cross of N. ramispina x ventricosa. I also have one, and the pitchers get so dark they're nearly black, while the leaves will take on a deep red.
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Nice plants, however, the "Lantern Alata" as they call it is actually N. 'Rebecca Soper', a cross of N. ramispina x ventricosa. I also have one, and the pitchers get so dark they're nearly black, while the leaves will take on a deep red.

Thank you, Both!

As to your comment, HCarlton - Perhaps it is, I honestly am not 100% sure as it was a gift from an established CP nursery, and the tag it came with says "Nepenthes "Lantern" Alata"... I have been told by some of my gardening friends when I've posted purchases from Logee's that things have been mis-tagged (this isn't from there) so I know it is possible that these commercial places mix them up...but I just go by what the tag says until things are fully grown and people can help deduce which is correct lol! I also am a huge collector of NOIDs so it always makes the IDing process fun lol. I just don't have enough knowledge in the CP area to know which is which yet ;) Thanks so much, I'll be looking up this "N. Rebecca Soper"! I do not think these have blackish pitchers though, as when I got it it was in "pitchering" stages and they were red...here's a pic in case you can recognize it as being the same as yours :)
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Everything looks great Lauren ! I'm glad that maxima is throwing out some basals for you. I'm sure it will be completely out of control before too long.
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Thanks a lot, Johnny! I am very excited about all of the growths and can't wait for it to grow up hehe.

@HCarlton - Funny thing! I looked up the plant i received via the nursery website - they not have "Rebecca Soper?" next to the original name lol!! Appears you are correct, or at least everyone isn't really sure what the names are of the plants they get at the nurseries..they just rely on the person selling them... lol makes me feel all warm and tingly knowing the people who sell things don't truly know what they are :/ Thanks a lot again, learned a lot of new stuff from this :)