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cps in the heat and drought

just wondering how everyone elses cps are doing in all this heat and drought? i've been working 14 hour days so don't always get to check to bogs. finally had a day off about 10 days ago and was really disappointed with what i saw when i got to investigate. lost several vft's which i'm hoping just went dormant, but even sadder was the loss of my marl bog purp, several different leucos, flava black veins and some various hybrids. i dug trenches and put in soaker hoses and ran them for two days to re-wet the peat, and have been watering religiously. everything else has perked back up nicely and should make a full recovery. lost all of my neps last summer because my mother forgot they were hanging in a tree and they didn't get watered. so how are your cps doing?
good. Thanks for asking..
Hope yours pull through buddy.
This rain all week should help.
Mine are showing definite signs of stress. I always water them with rain water but my barrels are almost dry. Have been splitting the rain water with hose water (TDS ~130) for a while, but will have to start using straight hose water soon if we don't get any rain.
I too have lost a few vft's. So far the dews are doing ok, they loose most of their dew during the day but dew back up overnight. I don't know how long they can survive that. The Sarracenia are starting to loose pitchers.
Don't know how it is in your neck of the woods, but the high temps here have been in the 100's, up to 112 daily for weeks, and we haven't had more than a few tenths of an inch of rain in about 3 months.
I need some major rain right now. The plants are fine, but with me beign gone for a week soon, I need to fill my Sarracenia pool or they're all going ot dry out on me.
I lost a large cobra, a few N.ampullaria seedlings, some pygmy dews, some D.rotundifolia, all my P.grandiflora and a red VFT, everything else is doing ok...although a few sarrs are a bit crispy on the tops.
Nice thread :)

Almost all my plants are perfectly healthy! I buy a A/C so i keep the temps at 24-25C when its 35C outside my appartment. The only problem i had, and still have but its getting better, is too much water for my s.rubra and my vfts. Its always good drying the soil a LITTLE bit between each watering. Specialy when its a big pot.

The only good time to have a small collection! :p But I have been going through way more water than usual so that's a bummer
Yes, I too am using tons and tons of water this year. Those larger tubs require a lot of water to stay nice and wet to keep the Sarrs happy.
We had a severe drought last month. No rain for 6 weeks and 95+ everday including a week of 105-110 everyday around the 4th of july. The only thing I lost was some mexican pings and they were more of an experiment anyway to see if they would do well outside. Surprisingly I have a large N. Miranda that was outside the whole time. It not only took the heat and low humidity but it is putting out the biggest pitchers it has ever grown. The thing is unstoppable. Alot of my s. leucophylla are sad looking, with a kind of little lid syndrome that I believe is from being too dry and hot. Most of the S. flava's and oreo's are mostly phyllodia. VFT look pretty good.
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My outside sarrs and vfts look like crap. Worst I've ever seen 'em. A summer of mostly hot and windy days with single digit humidities has ravaged them. I do keep them well watered, but even still they are in bad shape. Lost my oldest sarr, a huge Judith Hindle :-( Even my neps inside are suffering as our A/C can only do so much.
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Chezilla and I are very close so we've been experiencing similar weather. I almost lost a couple of VFTs but noticed they needed water before the were totally crispy and they pulled through. Luckily its humid here or i'm sure my plants would be worse off. Doesnt hurt having a RO filter either...well, until the water bill arrives.

Getting a small break today. Almost 12pm and its 86F and 66% humidity. Nice breeze too:).
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Yeah it's affecting my sarrs as well. The pitchers get pretty sun burnt from this heat but hopefully that should die down in the fall to reveal a good display of nice pitchers. That seems to be the case for every hot year they go through. The Purp hybrids, however, are doing fine.
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Have lost a few VFT seedlings and broke out the grow light for some great looking plants but anything outside is just horrible. Not much rain in South Texas.
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You guys should get an RO unit. $70, and produce good water everywhere with any hose outlet.
Especially you guys with large systems. At the very least, you can water the more expensive ones.
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my dionaea and temperate drosera all look stressed...the sarrs are not as bad. my neps are lucky enough to terrarium plants.