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CP Dreams?

lil hokie

heatherfeather knows the weather!
I was just wondering if any one else here has dreams about carnivorous plants?

I had another one last night. This time I was just hired at a nursery I am sure does not have any CP ties. And while working there I found a water tray with a bunch of little uprooted Sarracenia seedlings in it for sell. Then my boss told me I could pick out three I could have for free! I found myself waking up with a smile on my face but disappointment set in soon after when I realized it was a dream.

I also had another a bit ago where I made an adult innuendo at a party using the term 'Sarracenia.' I am pretty sure I was the only one that got it in my dream...

So if you have had any, please share!
It was a nightmare, it was night and a forest of tall Sarracenia the color of dark blood, the sky was a static black and the pitchers started oozing acid that engulfed me, disintegrating me in an agonizing pain, the only think I could see before my eyes melted in the acid was an enderman, despite being a computer entity that cannot harm me in real life, for some reason I am really afraid of them.
...the only think I could see before my eyes melted in the acid was an enderman, despite being a computer entity that cannot harm me in real life, for some reason I am really afraid of them.
I don't blame you, good sir, I don't blame you...
I keep a dream journal on LiveJournal apart from my main one. I just checked and haven't had any CP dreams yet but I have only been obsessed a little over a year. I have had a few beautiful dreams about gourds and pumpkins. Of walking under tall arbors and all kinds of beautiful gourd shapes are hanging down and are relaxing. It's shady and green and I could just watch them for hours. Or of being out in a pumpkin patch that stretches as far as the eye can see in all directions. Huge green leaves all over the ground with it broken occasionally by an orange shape or a darker green one. The sky is blue with white clouds and all is quiet and alone. These are some of the dreams I remember. I expect it won't belong before I have a nepenthes dream similar to the gourd one since I like gourd shaped things hanging from arbors.
I acquired some eddies. Then I woke up. :censor:
You know I think dreams that are just too good are worse than nightmares. I can usually become lucid in dreams and take control. So a cliche dream like being chased by a monster I realize it and can turn and kill the monster. But dreams where your fondest wishes come true and you don't know they are a dream are bad because then you wake up and still have nothing and were given false satisfaction. I've had my share of those and hate them.
I've had quite a few, which I can't recall. The one I do remember wass that I opened that terrarium lid and looked into my H. minor, I leaned in to get a better look and then I fell into the pitcher, almost like Alice in Wonderland.
I've got one that I honestly can't talk about on here.. well, not so much the dream itself, but the circumstances around it. haha..
I was at a nursery that was just down the street from my childhood home, that always had a terrible reputation. There, there was a large table full of semi-dead venus fly traps, and I was looking through them, trying to find the healthiest one to rescue. Then! I found it. I found the RAREST venus flytrap cultivar ever, one that was just a legend on this forum. Immediately I bought it, because I was then the proud owner of the flytrap cultivar that, when it bloomed, Kesha's "Tick Tock" played within a 7.5 inch radius around the flower.

I always have a tough time explaining that one...