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Ceph Emu Point Leaf pull giveaway only for this weeks giveaway winners

Little different Giveway than those in the past, I had NO plans to do this but started pucking leaf pulls and got into a zone and ended up with way to many before I realized what I'd have done.

We are already at our box limit for this weekend so no new boxes, the only eligible people for this giveaway are the winners from the Nov giveaways that can paypal me the postage for there box before I pack them up tomorrow morning. All you need to do is send me a PM saying you want a few leaves and pay for the postage before tomorrow morning.

Hope all that made sense.
DSC_0824 by randallsimpson, on Flickr
What can we do with the leaves, propagation of some sort? Sorry for the noob question.
Edit: I did a little reaearch and figured it out. Sweet chance here.
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Thanks for the info.
pm'ed thanks soo much this will be my first chance at a ceph