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This is what I can remember

-boschiana BE seed
-burbidgeae Pig Hill TC BE
-burbidgeae x edwardsiana Malesiana
-"burkei" from seed BE female
-densiflora x truncata 'King of Clubs' seed BE
-x Dyeriana
-flava Wistuba
-insignis Berkeley
-x Intermedia (rafflesiana x hirsuta) Berkeley
-jacquelineae BE
-lowii Trusmadi BE
-lowii x merrilliana EP x2
-lowii x ventricosa 'red' EP: female
-macrophylla BE
-macrophylla seed grown
-maxima M EP seed
-maxima Tentena giant clone 2 seed Exotic Plants Plus
-maxima Tinombala from seed BE
-maxima Tlatawiran Malesiana?
-maxima wavy leaf: tiny babies
-maxima x burbidgeae originally from Joel at Neps Around the House, doesn't seem to have burbidgeae in it
-maxima x ((stenophylla x lowii) x (rokko x veitchii)) EP x2
-maxima x veitchii EP: female x2
-x Menarik (rafflesiana x veitchii) Malesiana
-merrilliana x xTrusmadiensis EP
-mira Cleopatra's Needle BE seed
-Miranda x2
-x Mixta EP cutting
-northiana BE
-ovata Pangulubao BE
-peltata Wistuba
-petiolata from seed BE
-platychila TC BE
-rafflesiana BE 88
-rajah BE
-sibuyanensis x (northiana x vetchii) EP
-x Song of Melancholy LHHN
-spathulata x spectabilis BE from seed
-spectabilis Giant seed grown BE
-spectabilis x mira BE seed
-talangensis x veitchii tc BE
-x Tiveyi x N. veitchii H/L (striped peristome form) x (northiana x N. veitchii H/L) seed Philcula
-x Tiveyi x N. veitchii H/L (striped peristome form) x [(x Rokko x hurrelliana) x (x Rokko x veitchii)] seed Philcula
-x Trubalina (tobaica x spectabilis) LHHN
-truncata Pasian highland BE
-truncata 'Queen of Hearts' x 'King of Spades' BE seed x3
-x Trusmadiensis seed deacon on ebay
-x Vanessa (spathulata x (raff singapore giant x kondo)) LHHN
-veitchii K EP seed
-veitchii pink TC Malesiana
-(veitchii x lowii) x spectabilis giant seed BE
-veitchii x maxima TC BE
-veitchii x platychila TC BE
-x ventrata
-ventricosa N from seed
-ventricosa red x truncata 'King of Spades' seed BE
-(ventricosa x sibuyanensis) x merrilliana EP
-vogelli TC BE

Drosera capensis


Aerides odorata x Rhyncostylis gigantea

-magdalenae x2
-x veitchii

Angulocaste Jim Riopelle

Cattleya alliance
-Blc. Pamela Finney'All Star'
-Blc. Chia Lin 'New City'
-Lc. Gold Digger 'Orglade's Mandarin'
-lots of unknown ones

Coelogyne mooreana

-Red Emperor 'Prince'
-two unknown

Gongora tricolor

Lycaste skinneri alba 'Sapporo' x 'White Knight'

Lycasteria Marie Riopelle

NOID Masdevallia veitchii hybrids

Neofinetia falcata 'Shutenno'


Peristeria elata x2

Lots of NOID Phals

Phaius/Gastrophaius 'Dan Rosenburg'

formosanum album

Rhyncostylis gigantea

-nigroviolacea 'Predator'

Vanda coerulea

Harry Wu
St Cecilia

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