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I've been on this forum a couple of time but I suppose it's time for a somewhat formal introduction...
So, my name is Danny and I'm addicted to carnivorous plants, especially nepenthes. I used to be a normal biology student with a small interested in carnivorous plants ( I grew a Venus Fly trap in highschool but it died ) but all of that changed when I went took Botany in the fall. My professor had the class go to UC Berkley Botanical garden to give a lecture on California native plants. After the lecture, I wander around the garden and found myself in the greenhouse room. I was curious what lies inside the greenhouse, and as soon as I opened the door and peek inside...that was when my life changed. There, inside the greenhouse, lies the most beautiful carnivorous plants I have ever seen: cephatoltus, nepenthes, drosera, and more. My mind was blown away by their majesty ( corny word to use but it did look awesome.) As soon as I left that greenhouse, my fascinating with carnivorous plants grew exponentially. I bought a sarracenia from the garden but after a few months, it died on me ( it had scales and I didn't know what I needed to do to get rid of them.) Sad but not deterred I sought out to improve my skills and look for more plants. I search and found that there was a group of carnivorous plants growers that meet up ever few months to exchange, sell and talk about them. They given had a annual plant sale in Oakland. I went to the one meeting and ever since I been going to them, saving up cash to spend on the annual plant sale. After 6 months, I had a total of 3 nepenthes, a sarracenia and a couple of sundew, all growing on the windowsill but I knew that it wasn't enough.I needed more. I upgraded by purchasing terrarium to grow nepenthes more efficiently and even converted a friend of mine into being a nepenthes lover. The addiction worsen when I managed to go to California Carnivores. If the Greenhouse at UC Berkley blew my world apart, then the specimens at California Carnivores blew up my universe so hard, it created a black hole where money is sucked in and stream of nepenthes is expelled out and adored. I bought 2 nepenthes from California carnivores, put them into the terrarium and ever since, my collection has been only growing, including my cultivation skills. Anytime I see a nepenthes, I'd would ask the price and usually without a second remorse, purchase it (usually the specimen were within the budget.) I thought I could stop since I had 5 beautiful nepenthes but I couldn't.....now here I am, 1 year later with a grand total of 14 specimens under my care. Albeit, since I am planning to transfer to 4 year UC soon, and probably going to have to donate some of my specimen to the botany class that started my addiction....I don't think this hobby or addiction will fade anytime soon nor do I want it.

So, that my story...
Welcome to TerraForums. The San Francisco Bay Area is certainly one of the hot spots for CP growers in the US. Plenty of resources. Thanks for the introduction.
Welcome to the forums! Your carnivorous plant saga sure seems exciting! (My old eighth grade English teacher would love how you wrote it. :bigthumpup:)
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Welcome to TF!
the specimens at California Carnivores blew up my universe so hard, it created a black hole where money is sucked in and stream of nepenthes is expelled out and adored.

I think you'll fit right in.