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Any hope left in my Argentii?

Hey everyone

Today, my 2 N. argentiis ( size s) got delivered, and to my demise, they came all blackened, growth point and all, except for the roots. As the plants came bare root in a ziplock bag, they were moist, but I saw some white dots of rot on the dead leaves.

I soaked their roots (the only healthy part remaining) in water for an hour, cleaned up the mold a bit, and I potted them, hoping for a miracle.

I've read that there are cases where the almost-dead plant comes back to its roots.
Also, the plants had 3-4 cm long woody stems, with traces of leaves, which I'm sure that they have dormant growth points.
IMG_0017 (1).jpg
Is there any possibility of these plants coming back to life via basal or whatever

I'm keeping them out of light and in high humidity for now...
I would give them light but keep up the humidity. I believe I see living tissue on the lower stems and, if so, that means there's hope. Perhaps a better Nepenthes grower than I would like to chime in?
I'd say they're dead. But you never know. If there's any life left in the roots then pot them up and try to save them.
I'm gonna pot it up in a standard mix, just in case. There's nothing more to lose...
Should I trim the leaves or leave them alone? Some seemed to have white fungal dots on it.
Or should i cut the top part off entirely cutting-style
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I would give them light
Is sunlight through a southwest facing window too strong? Should I just put them under my LED fixture? I don't see any greens, so I doubt there are any chlorophiles left.
Definitely led light. Unless the fungus on them becomes too much I wouldn't cut anything. I certainly wish you luck!