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  1. T

    Too much light D. prolifera?

    Hi all, first time posting so hopefully I'm doing this right. Anyways, I'm on my second try in growing D. prolifera and just wanted to get a second opinion on my setup for it. Bit paranoid since my last D. prolifera just crashed randomly and never recovered which I suspect might have been due to...
  2. T

    Acclimating or Rotting? New Ventrata

    Hasn't been long since i've got this (like a week) but it's yellowing now. I'm not sure if its just from acclimating to my house or its rotting. The lowest leaves closest to woody part are yellowing and the bottom leaf on the basal is yellowing and blackening from the tip. The substrate looks...
  3. awhousenephs

    N. aristolochioides need advices

    Need some advices for my N. aristolochioides. Under my care since June 2022. It has 2 growth points when I received it, main shoot and an off bud. Apical shoot had been producing deformed leaves while the off bud was very slow. And then for sometimes it stagnated. Then I decided to douse it with...
  4. I

    Weird thing on my nepenthes

    Hi I have two small argentiis, and today, I found this on one of the plants: There's this weird little bump that almost looks like some sort of tumor between the roots and the stem of the plant. There's another one between the stem and a wooden leaf, slightly below where the dormant growth...
  5. N

    Heliamphora help and advice

    Hi guys, I am new to growing heliamphora and I would appreciate some help. I recently got some tissue culture H. nutans and H. heterodoxa x minor. 1 week after planting out I found many of them are yellowing or browning, I keep them in the closed domes under bright artificial light (the light is...
  6. I

    Any hope left in my Argentii?

    Hey everyone Today, my 2 N. argentiis ( size s) got delivered, and to my demise, they came all blackened, growth point and all, except for the roots. As the plants came bare root in a ziplock bag, they were moist, but I saw some white dots of rot on the dead leaves. I soaked their roots...
  7. SundewJane

    Help! Hard white substance on the base of D. Multifida Extrema arm

    Hi there! Long-time lurker, first-time poster here looking for a little help with my D. Multifida Extrema that has suddenly developed a hard white substance on the base of a new arm. I also just noticed rust-colored algae(?) developing on the tips on the live moss and along the edges of the...
  8. P

    Help with Drosera capensis - declining plant

    I've had this sundew for 2+ years and it's been doing fine until recently. It's next to a west facing windowsill and gets plenty of sunlight. The main plant has been getting smaller and smaller. The main stem grows taller but the leaves die off so it looks kind of weird. There are a few babies...