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Hello everyone, I am new as of Saturday. My name is Isaac and I live in Utah zone 6B I think. I just graduated high school last June (thank heavens! That place is pure torture!). I’m not really sure yet what I will make of myself later in life. Right now I am considering acting, screenplay writing, directing, anesthesiology, becoming an author, and becoming an assassin (JK) and an assortment of other things that intrigue me. But whatever I end up doing, I intend to continue to grow carnivorous plants, build an enormous greenhouse for other enthusiasts to tour, and becoming an international distributor. :)

A few years ago, after having built a collection, I sadly lost interest in CPs and neglected them, they all died except one very resilient venus flytrap. So I started anew and after a few months of rebuilding, I now have in my very small collection – 5 adult venus flytraps, 2 unknown sarracenia, 6 drosera capensis, 3 nepenthes ventrata (I think) and 2 more that I am trying to restore (I found them nearly dead and completely dried out at the store and any tips on restoring them are welcome.), 2 nepenthes rafflesiana, oh, and about 20 VF seedlings with like 20 more seeds planted. My greatest want at the moment is a Hamata, though, as I aim to eventually grow all kinds of CPs I am looking for everything.

Ummm, I think that is all there really is to know about me so… yeah that is me in a nutshell.
I'd go for Anesthesiology if I were you :) Welcome.
Welcome, im glad you decided to intoduce youself.
Welcome to TF!
Welcome aboard! Nice intro.

Some people leave the hobby...and very often they come back. Just can't stay away from CPs. :)
Welcome aboard! You can check out my new thread for determining your climate zone. Great introduction. That's the problem with addictions, you can stop for a while but it never goes away!

hmmm, thanks. I guess I am actually in zone 7? Lol that is funny, now I have been placed in zones 4-7 :) but I think I may trust this site more than others.