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Below is a list of Nepenthes stolen from the greenhouse of Tony Paroubek.

Please be on the look out for these plants or cuttings of these plants. While some of these Nepenthes may well be in collections, legal owners should be able to verify their origin (purchase, trade, etc.) without hesitation.

The thief may lay low for a while so don't forget this as weeks go by. Keep your eye out on eBay, other auction sites, photos of private collections, greenhouses you might visit, etc. These plants are SOMEWHERE! Let's find 'em!

2 N. burbidgeae x edwardsiana 12"
1 N. trusmadiensis 12"
2 N. macrophylla 10-12" and several 3-4"
2 N. truncata black 12-16"
1 N. sibuyanensis x trusmadiensis 12-14"
1 N. jacquelineae red 12"
6? N. truncata x trusmadiensis 2-3"
1-2 N. maxima x trusmadiensis southern carnivores clones 10"
1 N. lowii trusmadi 14" upper pitcher stage
1 N. ventricosa squat x (spectabilis x northiana) clone APA clump in pot
1 N. ventricosa x lowii American clone from J. Shafer 16"
3-4 pots of N. lowii x ventricosa red clone APA and APB

If you see or hear of anything regarding the theft of these plants, please contact Tony Paroubek.

This is approximately 20+ plants...not easy to hide! If you have leads or knowledge you can give it to Tony privately and no one will know.

Contact info:

Tony's contact information if anyone hears anything
New email address for information
Here are some photos. These are photos of the actual plants.

N. burbidgeae x edwardsiana

N. trusmadiensis (seed grown from N. lowii G. Trusmadi)

N. macrophylla

N. truncata black

N. sibuyanensis x trusmadiensis

N. jacquelineae red

N. maxima x trusmadiensis clone APA and APB(foreground)

N. ventricosa squat x (spectabilis x northiana) clone APA

N. ventricosa x lowii clone from Jeff Shafer

N. lowii x ventricosa red clone APA

N. lowii x ventricosa red clone APB
Wow I am sorry to hear about that. I comb Ebay everyday several times and I will gladly keep an eye out for these for you.
I really like that N. ventricosa squat x (spectabilis x northiana) clone APA It's very nice!
Wow that is truly tragic.
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I got to wonder how did you even get one in the first place?

A little in appropriate....

This is truly horrible, and i hope you can get your plants eventually.
I am certain he didn't mean it that way, obregon562.

Regardless, I hope you can find these plants before it's too late. How hard will they be to replace?
That's horrible! Did they catch or even suspect anyone of doing this?
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Tony had the N. burbidgeae x edwardsiana available for a very limited time from Malesiana Tropicals. DOn't ask him about buying one that was years ago. It's one plant I still miss from my collection now that I don't have Neps anymore. I'd like to see what it must look like nowadays.

Did anyone ever find the person who stole Tony's plants?
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im pretty sure they still are leaning on Dom Gravine...
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After so much time it's sad to that life just goes on. It would be like trying to hold water in your hands to hold on to hate. It's good to remember and look out but Tony's life is obviously so much more rich than the thief's in so many ways. Karma is a... well, killer.
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has anyone found him/her?
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Apparently he stole some plants from the Meeks as well.
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why bump a long dead thread?
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why bump a long dead thread?

I wouldn't call February "long dead"..
thats only 4 months..not long at all..
and the post added new relevant info to the discussion..unlike yours..and mine.

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did anyone end up finding who did this horrible act?
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did anyone end up finding who did this horrible act?
Most people feel quite certain of the identity of the thief (mentioned above) but law enforcement apparently either 1) doesn't care (aka: not a high priority) or 2) doesn't feel they have enough for a win-able case.
why bump a long dead thread?
Why - is this a bad thing? :scratch:
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