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A happy accident I call seedling heaven

A few months back I decided to drop tray/individual pots for minibogs due to the quickly amassing scale.....on of the trays had quite a bit of sediment in it and i received quite a bit of excess media from trading which I just kinda threw in there.....also had some unknown seedlings I didn't want to mix into the population of known seedling so I just kinda put them in this tray and to my surprise every seedling i put in there did exceptionally well and so it has become the breeding ground for drosera seedlings, sarracenia clippings, dionaea cuttings with a high success rate in not only the survival of the plants but the condition which they are able to sustain when being relocated to larger pots. It also serves as a temporary layover place for distressed plants that are smaller.

The only permanent resident is a terrestrial ultric I received in a giveaway a while back.


I noticed in my seedling trays a few of the sundew seeds ended up in different areas than they were supposed to hahah. Your post reminded me.
Don't you know? All sundew seeds have legs. :D

Bobby, I have one of those "everything goes" trays, too. It's fun what grows and what doesn't, in the tray and outside of it.
I have an everything uteric pot like that. All my "surprise" U's that pop up get transplanted into it.