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If you love Nepenthes as much as I do...

....the following may be hard to see.

So this summer was hot, and I lived in a place without AC. Needless to say, my highland Nepenthes were not happy with that. But then I moved, and also upgraded from a fishtank with lights set up to a bona-fide grow shelf. My plants sat there, ungrowing, for nearly two and a half months. I lost more than a few. I thought maybe they weren't getting enough light (since the lights on the shelf were totally different from what I was using before). I reorganized and redid things, and got it so natural sunlight shines on them through the south-facing window. I thought they were being kept too wet, so I repotted everything into fresh media, and mesh pots. I finally unpacked my hydrotherm, and when I plugged it in, I saw the humidity was only 50%!! So I sealed it up with some cellophane and tape, and also got an ultrasonic humidifier.

And I'm proud to say that I'm seeing signs of recovery!!! I would like to share these with you, and ask you a few questions along the way.

My conditions are as follows: Day: ~78*F, Night: ~65*F or so, depending on how cold it is outside. My hydrotherm is set to 80%RH, and clicks on the humidifier when it gets down into the mid seventies.

The shelf that upon which my Nepenthes grow:

A new plant in my collection, N. (merrilliana x truncata) x vetchii 'Caesarion'

I haven't had this guy for too long (a few months), but it doesn't look too happy. When I bought it, the guy told me it'd grow fairly well as a highlander, which is why I got it. But it occurred to me that, given the parentage, that might not be the case. Hence why I put it on a pot-pedestal, in hopes that the lights would keep it warmer. Do you have any thoughts? Im pretty sure they used the highland type of N. vetchii to make the cross.

The humidifier clicked on, so this next one is a bit foggy looking. My N. burbidgae, not looking the best. It hasn't grown a millimeter in three or four months. I've been told that a key for this species is to pot it in a 100% cypruss-mulch media, what do you think?

Another new one, N. (spectrabilis x ventricosa) x aristolochiodies. I can't take any credit for how awesome this one looks, since I literally just got it. I just have high hopes! I love how tubby the pitchers are.

N. robcantlyi. I was so happy that this wasn't counted among the lost. Even though it was a free rescue, I appreciate it nonetheless. Its showing signs of just growing right along, though no hint at pitchering again yet.

N. (spathulata x spectabilis) x (albomarginata x eustachya) 'Sunset,' showing signs of both happy growth and readiness to pitcher!

N. x 'Judith Finn,' nothing special. But I'll take any happy Nepenthes at this point. The new leaf looks good so far!

N. sanguinea, with what I *thought* was a dead growing point.

I checked it every week for a basal or side shoot, until I finally picked at the dead growth point. When the dead tissue fell off, it revealed this!!

A tiny, slightly-out-of-focus leaf!!

Thank you for taking the time to look, and I hope you comment. I really fell out of my passion with carnivorous plants, but these little glimmers of hope have gone a long way in bringing me back in!!

During the last year my collection also took a huge hit, with most going to very long-term sitters, and what was in the terrarium taht came with me suffering through two moves and at times sub-optimal conditions. Great to see yours making such a fine recovery. :hug: :water:
Some looks as though they were attacked by something
Lil Stinkpot- Im sorry to hear about the loses your collection suffered. Saying mine have made a "fine" recovery is a bit of stretch, but they're definitely on the right track! The whole experience has taught me that these plants are pretty tough, but definitely won't grow in just any conditions. Did any of your plants make it? How are they doing?

kevnep- Yeah they were attacked- by my neglect!! Or do you mean pests of some sort? I don't see any mites or anything crawling around, but I can treat everything with Neem oil if you think there might be something lurking around. When I repotted everything into those mesh pots, I sprayed everything thoroughly with Neem.
It happens to the best of us, man. It's good to see your plants are on the mend. Just keep doing what you're doing if you are seeing improvement like that. Sorry to hear about your losses.
It happens to the best of us, man. It's good to see your plants are on the mend. Just keep doing what you're doing if you are seeing improvement like that. Sorry to hear about your losses.

Thanks a lot. I just need that N. burbidgae to start to grow again. I think I got the right kind of recommended mulch. The only problem is that, with things like this, changing too much can do just as much damage as continuing to do the wrong thing. Maybe I will wait until the New Year, and if there is still no growth, I'll repot.
I'm really excited by the progress made by my little collection over the last month or so. I took some pictures of the more dramatic changes, I hope you guys dont mind me sharing! :)

That N. 'Caesarion' seems to be picking up steam. I haven't done anything special to keep it warmer than the other plants, so I think I'll leave it be for now.

Look what finally decided to grow for me! The N. burbigdae! It was funny, the day the new media (cypruss mulch) showed up, I noticed it was starting to grow again. Now I'm at a bit of a lost- to repot or let it grow. I'm still leaning towards the latter, but chime in if you have any input on the subject.

N. robcantlyi, I'm hopeful that the leaf you see developing here will also be the first pitcher I've seen from this guy in a long time. Also, the leaves don't have any weird spots or pit-marks on them (which you might be able to see in the older leaf there). Maybe there was something attacking these guys that the Neem treatment took care of...

N. sanguinea just booking it!

N. 'Sunset' pitcher

Whole plant, look how much bigger that newest leaf is! (Stretching off to the left there)

Recently I've started trying to grow my own sphagnum moss, and it is finally starting to look like something :)

Thanks for looking! Please do weigh in on the N. burbidgae thing. When it was pitchering for me, it was one of the most beautiful plants I have ever seen, and I really want to bring it back to that state of growing.