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It's almost time for 7th annual online NASC Benefit Auction to start.
All of us at NASC are proud to announce that a portion of the auction
proceeds (the lesser of $1500 or 50%) will be going to a 5 acre site
in Georgia managed by The Nature Conservancy (TNC). In fact it's the
last site of its type in the state of Georgia.

Carnivorous plant species found here include the Federally endangered
green pitcher plant (Sarracenia oreophila) and sundews
(Drosera). This is a very unique site that needs to be

The proceeds from last annual auction went to provide a much needed
burn at Myrtle Head Savanna managed by TNC, North Carolina. It
started an anti-poaching campaign in Brunswick County, NC and help
fund a plant rescue in Florida.

While in 2008, NASC auction proceeds benefited Splinter Hill Bog
Preserve managed by TNC of Alabama.

So please do your part and donate an item in the upcoming auction.
You will not only help maintain the Sarracenia oreophila site,
but also allow us to save more carnivorous plants this year.

The auction will run from Saturday, April 24, 2010 until
Saturday, May 8, 2010.

Auction forum and rules are located at
sponsored by FlyTrapShop.

Sarracenia oreophila is listed on the US Endangered Species Act and
CITES Appendix I.


Sarracenia oreophila from the protected Georgia site.
Photograph by Barry Rice. Used
with permission.

NASC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is dedicated to
preserving natural Sarracenia habitats.
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Ozzy, thank you for posting that. I have been a slacker!

I hope that you all will support our Auction this year despite the lack of promotion. That has been my fault. I haven't been able to get here.

This auction is our only fundraiser and it helps us to function.

And as always, we are looking for volunteers willing to do a little work such as education, newsletter, article writing, etc.

Thank you so much for your support over these years. These forums never change. And that is a GOOD thing. The community here is just the best group of people.

YAY for Dandy and TerraForums!

i think i can come up with some pretty colored rocks.......maybe even some cut ones.......
Excellent! I'm glad to hear that you guys were able to find a good cause.

I'll be heading home in 2 weeks for the weekend -- we'll see what a year without tending has done to the plants. Something tells me there should be some divisions available. ;)

Look like soon we'll need the traditional "what I'm thinking about donating / what I'd like to see donated" thread. :) So much fun.

Edit -- looks like I've been beaten to it! :D
ROCKS!!! :)

I still love my little crocheted VFTs. They are SO cute!
Bump city!
The board says the auction is from 4/24 through 5/8 9pm EST. Is that correct or should it be EDT?
Oops...yes, it's Eastern Daylight Saving Time. Sorry about that!
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Oh man, I am really looking forward to this.
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I've never had the pleasure to watch. This will be my first.
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I've never had the pleasure to watch. This will be my first.

It's a lot of fun! I know a lot of members tend to save some money for it (I know I do!). Everything from books to plants to edibles to art gets posted. It's really a lot of fun to see things come up. It's a fun community-oriented event for a good cause that a lot of CPers have an opportunity to participate in. I'm sure you'll enjoy it, even if you just do window shopping. ;)
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Can't wait. Chinese New Year Money is eager to be spent.
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oh yes a very fun event indeed, even "window" shopping will be fun :D
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My birthday money is going into this bad boy :) Get some great items and help with conservation. What could be better, honestly?
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Man oh man... I hope the Ozzy's mystery dews come out in full effect! And I hope I can afford one!
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Ahhh, i have not money :(, I'll try to put some stuff up though :)
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I wish it started at like 10 saturday instead.. I won't be on until then and the beginning of any auction I think is the best part..
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Well this is my first time and honestly I don't know what to expect on the variety of plants but for some reason I want to win a bid on a plant. I am so exited :banana2:
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... and the beginning of any auction I think is the best part..
Nahhhh - these auctions are typically pretty good for the whole 2 weeks. People keep bidding on stuff & also new items continue coming into the auction the whole time ....