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  1. rollpop

    Bugs Found in Sphagnum Moss

    Hi, I was looking at the spaghnum moss of my venus fly trap, and I noticed that there were these tiny bugs crawling around in it that were no bigger than the head of a pin. They were too small to be able to take a picture of, so I tried to draw a picture of what they looked like. Can anyone ID...
  2. C

    New project: Drosera Seed

    Guessing Drosera seed(lings) & plantlet Another 'Drosera giveaway' from my breeder. What kind of Seed he throws? no idea. It was his joke. 20 people will get seeds, but the spesific will be a secret. It was small.. I am sorry. I mean TINY........ It was black. It shaped like elips with sharp...
  3. Jcal

    D. schizandra soil

    Ever since a member posted pictures of D. schizandra in the wild I have been reconsidering my soil choice for this plant. In the wild they have a vivid green color. My plants are more yellow in color. My plants are planted in live spaghnum in closed containers. Shortly after seeing these wild...
  4. G

    Pings wanted! trades!

    Hello! I have several things for trade for some pinguiculas! I am especially interested in Mexican pings For trade: B.liniflora packet of seeds (many) d.indica packet of seeds (many). Thanks for looking! D.spathulata P.piroutee P.sethos younger plants Dried red spaghnum...
  5. divaskid

    I need a little Nepenthes help

    I have two Nepenthes that I'm not sure if they're ok or not and would appreciate some advice/thoughts. The first one is N. spectabilis. I'm not sure if I even need to worry about this one since the newer leaves are doing good. My concern is the older leaves seem to die really fast and turn...
  6. ace209

    D. Natalensis and Spatulata seed HELP

    Hello everyone i recently received some free natalensis and spatulata seeds. Does anybody have any tips on sowing and getting them to sprout like humidity temperature etc. Any advice would be helpfull also can i use pure spaghnum moss as a medium. Thank you. Abel A.
  7. kwende

    Received Sarracenia rhizomes

    I just purchased five random rhizomes from someone and they arrived bare rooted. My question is whether I should put them in a medium before I put them in the fridge for the next couple months, or whether they could remain mostly bare rooted wrapped in some spaghnum. They are in hibernation now...
  8. C

    need advice on a d. x obovata

    I just rcd a nice one today and am very happy with it EXCEPT that it is growing in spaghnum!!!! I really hate it when sundews are in moss bc if you want to remove said moss it almost always annoys the plant. But observing the rotundafolia in it I am guessing it has sensitive roots like the...
  9. Gigantea

    My Redneck Terrarium

    So I decided to take my plastic tub and give it an upgrade- country style. I would provide pictures, but not tonight. All I have is 3g for internet and it tends to be slow to upload pictures. Hopefully over the next few days I can. I found an old phone charger with good power rating and used...
  10. MasterPropagator

    My first Sarracenia pitcher.

    I had purchased 2 sarracenia(S.Flava,S.Leucophylla) from "***************" despite their bad reviews i gave them i shot and was happy with my order. they have been with me for a month and they are growing great in pure peat moss & dried spaghnum moss :nono...
  11. chibae

    Staghorn Fern divsion(NewspaperFort $2)

    Up for bid is a staghorn fern divsion, the plaque is approximately 3' x 5". It has been kept in moist spaghnum and is starting to grow some tiny roots. Bidding to start at $2.00, shipping $10.50, USA only please
  12. J

    My new terrarium and some plants! ;)

    This is my new terrarium, I have been working on it for about a month now. Now the plants are settle, i just thought about posting pics of it! :) In the terrarium there are: 1 heli minor 1 ceph 1 drosera capensis 2-3 drosera capensis alba 1-2 drosera albino 5-8 several drosera burmanniees. 6...
  13. mikefallen13

    looking for some stuff to finish off my terraruim

    I finally finished seting up my new terrarium and theres still a few things I'm looking for mainly live LFS and of course any neps on my wantlist. Obviously I'm only kinds of spaghnum that would do well inside and colorful and compact forms would be preferred. If you have some moss or any neps...
  14. M

    Sarracenia minor in the wild, 2011 (pics)

    S. minor var. minor Ware Co, GA roadside ditch. These plants were fairly common-if I had to guess, I'd say there were at least 10,000 in the area: S. minor var. minor Ware Co, GA. clump: S. minor var. minor Ware Co, GA. There were amazing red clones too: S. minor var. minor...
  15. Adam

    Cayenne Powder as Bird Repellant?

    Recently the birds have been indulging on my nep spaghnum so much that I need to repot every single one I've had outside. I read on the ICPS forum that you could use cayenne powder for Sarracenia for squirrel prevention. I was wondering if it would be fine to use on Neps, and if it would even...
  16. Taliesin-DS

    pale/yellow seedlings

    Hi, i sowed some Bongso seed last year and some of them have germinated. They started out green but in a few days every new leaf becomes pale/yellow. Could this be caused by too much light ? They are 10 cm below 2 55 watt pl lights. The soil is a mixture of peat, chopped spaghnum and perlite...
  17. Halt

    Repotting little babies!

    So, how should I repot these devil capensis, the bringer of invasiveness? They're approx. a month old and I'd like to unclump them, if you will, and put them about 1-2cms where they'll have room to grow. Will they die if I pick up the spaghnum clump and individually seperate them, or are they...
  18. Dexenthes

    Little bog terrarium.

    There is a lot of bog here in southeast Alaska. So I more or less just put a terrarium outside, threw some live spaghnum moss in there and planted a few native carnivores, it's not very impressive but it is also extremely easy to take care of, I virtually don't. D. rotundifolia cuddling up...
  19. Adam


    :censor: There were some birds upfront in the gutters... fine with that, but i put out my neps and they started pecking spaghnum to put in their nest. the evidence was the nest speckled with spaghnum and perlite... so i moved them down back. Then, a bird tore off two ventricosa pitchers, and...
  20. CP_dude

    Looking for...

    I'm looking for some live Spaghnum moss... I just need a tiny bit so i can grow/propogate it PM me with an offer, thanks :) -Bruce