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Repotting little babies!

So, how should I repot these devil capensis, the bringer of invasiveness?
They're approx. a month old and I'd like to unclump them, if you will, and put them about 1-2cms where they'll have room to grow. Will they die if I pick up the spaghnum clump and individually seperate them, or are they fine being left alone?



Just for fun. "Wheres WALDO!?" Theres a capensis buried within the spag.
Try not to break off the roots when you separate them. Or just break them up into smaller clumps and then repot them again when they are larger. If they're big enough even if you break off the root the plants have a better than even chance of surviving.

Does it really matter if a few die ;) What's one less rat in a whole pack of 'em?
I see four "Waldoes", one in each corner around the Sphag.

I would grab some tweezers and gently pick each one out and re-plant it. The tweezers do a good job of carrying the root down into the soil.
Or you can use a spoon and get underneath and around the individual plants, so as not to disturb the roots.
Or you can use a spoon and get underneath and around the individual plants, so as not to disturb the roots.

This is how I do it - no casualties yet.
D. capensis won't die if you break its roots off (even a couple seedlings i've tried)

Give them high humidity and keep the growth point green, and they'll start shooting roots out again.

If there are any 'casualties', don't worry: Surely there'll be more sprouts to replace them ;)
I usually use a toothpick or cocktail stick to prick them out of the current growing media and use the opposite method to dig them a new spot and seat them in the new media. Takes some practice to minimize damage, but it looks like you've got plenty of test subjects...
When I grow sundews from seed, there's usually way more seedlings than I'd ever need. I let them crowd each other out and repot them when they start looking adult-ish. Especially with easy ones like capensis, what's the worst that could happen? The runts hang in there for surprisingly long, but you also get to pick out the quick growers.
I can see why you might want to grow them all out if you had the space, though. I second what several others have said - don't sweat it too much. Be gentle with them but pot them even if you think you've totally messed it up. They're more durable than you might think. NaN's suggestion of splitting them into chunks instead of individuals is a good one. Also, a spraybottle with a fine mist is helpful for separating small plants from media.
Good luck,