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  • Thanks for the trade, Veronis. Everything was very well protected :) It was nice to do a big trade and exchange several things!

    Don't hesitate to trade with Veronis!!!

    His follow up was excellent, and he really cares that the plants he sends arrived in good condition. Despite the long transit time (ups delay made it 8 days), his plants arrived in great condition. My experience was entirely favorable.

    Keep it up!
    Hi Veronis,
    yes, my plants are all put away!
    I did it all last weekend..
    not because its getting super cold yet..just because it was a good "yard work" weekend..nice weather.
    so I bagged them all up, and they are now sitting in their basement stairwell..

    based on the warmish weather of late, they could probably go another week or two..
    but I did it already just because it was convienent..

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