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need advice on a d. x obovata

I just rcd a nice one today and am very happy with it EXCEPT that it is growing in spaghnum!!!! I really hate it when sundews are in moss bc if you want to remove said moss it almost always annoys the plant. But observing the rotundafolia in it I am guessing it has sensitive roots like the rotundafolia?

I plan on propagating it before attempting to move it....any advice on how to separate it from that moss without killing it?
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While I can appreciate you personal tastes I'll just say I grow all my temperate North American Drosera in pure Sphagnum. Either live moss or long fiber sphagnum. D. ×obovata, D. rotundifolia and D. anglica will almost always be found growing in Sphagnum moss in North America.

Otherwise just carefully remove the moss from around the roots. That's all I do when dividing 'Ivan's Paddle'. This hybrid propagates easily from leaf cuttings so take cuttings at the same time.