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  1. Woodnative

    Try again...S. rosea 'luteola' for sundews plants

    These are from the antho-free form of S. rosea......a bit difficult to grow and not common. The parent was selfed, the seeds are plump and fresh harvested, about 25 seed. Nobody has S. psit antho-free seed for trade so I will try again. I am looking for the true, VERY red form of D...
  2. RL7836

    Sarr seeds - variety - IronTom $20

    Crystal's request over here prompted me to visit my 'seed drawer' & see what seeds folks might be interested in as well as which ones I might be able to spare... Up for auction are ~30 seeds (stored dry in refrigerator) harvested last fall from the following crosses (specifically ~30 seeds from...
  3. P

    Sarracenia flava var. cuprea pollen and Others

    Hi everyone! I had selfed the first flower and the second just opened yesterday. I had collected fresh pollen 3 Q-tips worth of pollen this morning and is viable to about the end of the month. I am looking for anything not on my growlist other than D. capensis, D. adeale, typical vft, etc. I...
  4. RL7836

    Seed sale for charity

    *** Closed *** Many thanks to all who participated (Final Results) ======================= After many requests to sell some of my seeds, I've decided to offer some with all proceeds* to be donated to the ICPS. (This is being done with special permission from Andrew - so please do not assume...
  5. jack

    self pollinanting S.flava

    I have a S.flava I believe could be a cross between S.f.flava and S.f.ornate. It has fewer veins then S.f.ornate but more then s.f.flava.???. I was thinking that if I selfed pollinated this plant I would get some seeds that would look more like S.f.ornate. what do you guys think, am I :crazy: ...
  6. glider14

    Seed pods

    hey guys. i got my D. capensis 'Albino' to flower and it just closed its second flower today...how do i know if the flower selfed its self? how long until the pod is ripe? what can i do to collect the seeds so they dont over populate my mini bog? thanks Alex
  7. JB_OrchidGuy

    Ventrata question

    I just picked up another ventrata from my OS meating and this sucker is HUGE. I want to trim it up a little. It has about Multiple growth points to it, and it flowered on about 6 stems too. Its a monster. I took about 3 or 4 cuttings from it as soon as I got it from growth points that haven't...
  8. throckmoron

    Throckmoron's Grow List

    Just Updated! 12/9/08-- Please contact me for trade interest. C. follicularis C. follicularis ‘Giant’ (Wistuba) D. muscipula ‘typical’ D. muscipula ‘Akai Ryu’ D. muscipula ‘Dentate’ Pygmy Drosera D. androsacea D. barbigera D. callistos D. chlosterostigma D. citrina D. echinoblastus D...
  9. cp_produtos

    akai ryu and seeds

    Does a selfed akai ryu grow true from seeds ? thanks
  10. swords

    Zephyranthes rain lily

    Hey folks, I'm hoping maybe someone here has a slight obscure lily affliction like me and can give me some tips. Today I picked up a Zephyranthes grandiflora (OCA Z. rosea according to Plant Delights Nursery). It's coming into bloom the already blooming siblings were beautiful but i want to...
  11. BigCarnivourKid

    A few photos of some of my plants

    Been a while since I posted any pics so I thought I'd do that and show some of the plants I got this past year and managed not to kill. This is the P. 'George Sargent' (on the left) I got at the last NASC auction. On the right is a P. primulaflora that I got from Jim-Scott and almost succeeded...
  12. S

    Sarracenia's growlist

    last update: Feb. 9, 2011 SARRACENIA SPECIES alata - TX flava leucophylla - 'Tarnok' leucophylla - yellow-flowerd leucophylla - Hurricane Creek White minor oreophila purpurea ssp. purpurea rubra gulfensis - antho-free HYBRIDS alata "alabama red" x (purpurea x flava red tube) alabamensis x...
  13. S

    2004 sarracenia seed giveaway

    I am planning another big seed giveaway, like I did last fall. Here are the crosses I did for this year. Look for the seed giveaway around October.... Female plant listed first: purpurea x flava ornata - selfed flava var. flava x (purpurea x flava ornata) [(oreophila x purpurea) x leucophylla]...
  14. BobZ

    Red dragon

    Several years ago I received a plant labeled Red Dragon. This plant has consistently stayed a small plant and has produced small traps. I have about 30 divisions (clones) of this plant and every plant produces a scape that splits into a double. This is the only VFT clone that I have that does...
  15. Sean's Ponds

    wrigleyanna bloom

    I have a Sarracenia x wrigleyana hybrid with a bloom that has finished opening. I wanted to know if this plant can be self pollinated or do I need pollen from another plant to pollinate it? I have noticed that pollen is already being shed on this bloom so if it can be selfed I need to l know...
  16. S

    Utric hybridization attempt

    Hi guys, I was mucking around in the greenhouse a couple of days ago and thought I'd have a go at pollinating a few Utrics. I'd never tried before and had been told by various growers that it can be very difficult to fertilize the flowers. Anyway, several of my U. dichotoma forms, U...
  17. S

    binata mulitifida sending up a scape...

    Hi guys, Can you get viable see from selfing a binata multifida? I seem to remember reading that binata's don't readily self, but I can't remember if they can be selfed with "outside interfierence." Thanks! (Kirk, if you read this, it's the one you gave me at the show&#33
  18. S

    This year's crosses

    Here is a list of crosses I did this year. Seed I don't keep for myself will be made available to members of this forum come fall. Mardi Gras - selfed (something chewed into the ovary a little, so time will tell if I end up with any seed from this) rubra gulfensis x moorei - selfed moorei...