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binata mulitifida sending up a scape...


Staff member
Hi guys,
Can you get viable see from selfing a binata multifida? I seem to remember reading that binata's don't readily self, but I can't remember if they can be selfed with "outside interfierence."

(Kirk, if you read this, it's the one you gave me at the show&#33
Binata vary depending on the form. I have one multifida form that selfs very well, and another that is not self-fertile. You will have to try it and see. I also find if you get an open flower wet it will not set seed properly.

Let us know how you go.

Something I have done is a cross of the two forms, non-selfing x selfing and will see if the offspring are self-fertile, but I will have to wait a while as they are only about an inch tall at the moment.

Thanks! I'll keep the flowers dry and see what happens....There's also a chance (if I'm lucky) that my binata (regualr t form) will flower also, but I'm not sure if that's a scape just yet....This would solve the problem for sure.