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  1. curtisconners

    Clay pot for vft

    I have a vft that I want to repot, but I couldn't find any plastic pots that seemed suitable. There were clay pots that looked like they would work, but I'm concerned about the minerals from a clay pot being dangerous for my vft. are there any problems with clay pots for vft's? I really want to...
  2. Dalton

    Hello from SC - Dalton

    Link to Short List Hey everyone! I live in upstate South Carolina. I've been growing plants for years and I like to look for a new challenge when the plants I have are growing well. I've got Peace Lilies, Spider plants, Snake plants, Philodendron, multiple succulents, and several orchids. I...
  3. masonix

    Is it time to repot my Sarracenia?

    Hi, I'm pretty new here! I bought a bag of soil, and i have dried Sphagnum moss, not live but blocks that swell as crazy when i wet them. I'm thinking, my Sarracenia which i have had for about 4 weeks seems to be a bit big for it's pot. Is it ok, or should i repot it into a bigger one, i...
  4. oceanblue28

    When do VFTs and Sarrs come out of dormancy, and when should I repot them outside?

    I currently have my VFTs and Sarr in the garage for now, while they are dormant. When should I move them outside? I've read that they "wake up" towards the end of February. I want to pot them in a really nice big pot outside. Would doing so around the middle to end of February work? Since I live...
  5. M

    New Nepenthe Growth

    A couple weeks ago my Nepenthes fell in my pool as a heavy hailstorm pushed it in. It sat at the bottom of my pool for 30-40 minutes until I got home from work to fish it out. I had to clean its roots with distilled water and repot it in new soil. Over the past weeks it hasn't shown any signs of...
  6. maleadonis01


    Instead of going dormant,mine seems to be going grow crazy! Should I separate and repot? What's best medium to use? Any tips,best way to separate,any help greatly appreciated Cheers Stu Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
  7. maleadonis01


    Afternoon everyone from England, My first year growing CPs,could you tell me about water(how much) should be in(tray) coming into and during Dormancy and light?Will it stay the same or die back also is the pot too small and best time to repot Many thanks Stu Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
  8. NemJones

    Nepenthes seedling repotting?

    About two weeks ago, I upgraded my lowland tank to larger T5H0 lights As the King tiger was beginning to demand a larger terrarium and better light. The Attenboroughii seedlings have taken a liking to the environment too, and they Are already growing larger. However, this poses a question...
  9. bloks1995

    Missing lots of labels, need help! (Drosera and Pinguicula)

    I am in charge of the CP's in the greenhouse at my university (this will be my second year actually) and many of the labels are either faded or missing. I'm more of a Sarracenia and Nep guy, so I need a bit of help identifying some Drosera and Pinguicula. Please excuse the weeds...part of trying...
  10. S

    Give the capensis an inch...

    Well they haven't taken a mile yet, but they're getting there. To be honest I'm not even going to repot the ones on the lower left, they'll just take over the new pot. Let them crowd themselves out. Bonus: one of my oldest D. capensis:
  11. tish

    05 July 2015 : Byblis Liniflora Flower Bloom

    24 July 2015 : Byblis Liniflora Flower Bloom update 2 The new Byblis Liniflora which I just bought, the flower did not bloom for me on the first day. Perhaps it was a little stress after a quick repot. But on the second day it did!! It was sunday and I had the opportunity to take good photos...
  12. elgecko

    Utric mess

    Well from the recent few pics I've posted you can tell I'm finally spending time repotting my plants that desperately need repotting. Utricularia reniformis with more growth outside the pot then in. LOL Have a ton of plants to repot. not sure where I'm going to go with all these divisions...
  13. C

    Bog pot creation time.

    I was going to repot a D.Filiformis, S x Dana's Delight and S x Yellow Jacket into a larger bog pot with three venus flytraps and two bog orchids, but I have to wonder if this can be done safely during summer months. I think I can do it without disturbing very many roots, but I just wanted to...
  14. Jcal

    Heli repot help

    I'm still new to helis! Is this plant due for a repot and divide? Are helis prone to being set back after such a treatment?
  15. D

    Step by step transplanting guide..

    I know everyone has their own way of potting plants... I searched the forum on how to repot, transplant, replant CP's I came up with 1 and the caresheet link didn't work.. http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php/86748-Advice-to-the-new-trappers?highlight=potting+venus+fly+trap I...
  16. thez_yo

    Winter garden work

    Well, the plants seem finally settled in for the 'winter' here in San Diego, and it's even been 60F by day/40F by night the past few days. Usually the coldest week of the year is the one between Christmas and New Years. With it brings tidying up the plants, and thinking about spring. I've...
  17. ps3isawesome

    Are my roots coming out of the container?

    I think this are roots because when i got this plant back in August, I repotted it. Nothing was sticking out from the bottom. Does this mean I have to repot it in March in a bigger pot? Please advice, thanks
  18. J

    Repotting tips

    Hey there, Any advice for a newbie to Cephalotus on the best time to repot and the best potting medium? Thank you in advance! Joe
  19. Cthulhu138

    Tuberous Drosera

    After speaking with several members here among other growers, I have realized that there are more misconceptions about successfully growing these plants than I had thought. I wrote the care sheet below last year for the NECPS members to use as a guide for their cultivation and I hope that it can...
  20. kataok

    S. rubra ssp. alabamensis

    This guy looks like he's overwhelmed in his pot? I know you're suppose to divide them in spring but, would it be bad to divide it now??? Or repot it? What's going on with the pitchers breaking easily? Bending oveR? Any suggestions or tips to help improve this guy would be much appreciated.