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  1. U

    Mealybugs on Sarracenia - will they drown?

    Hey, everyone. So after years of relatively carefree keeping of a variety of US native carnivorous plants and bog flowers, I had mysterious die-off throughout the summer and fall. At first, I thought it was probably a fungus (the summer was hot and wet, anyway), but it never seemed to do much...
  2. T

    Possible mealybugs on mammillaria?

    I've had this plant for a bit over a year, I think it is mammillaria backebergiana but I am not entirely sure, it was unlabeled when I purchased it. Anyway, I think it may have mealybugs. Here are my questions about it: Are these mealybugs? If they aren't mealybugs, what are they? What should I...
  3. Brolloks

    Pest control Methods

    Hi everyone, I have really been hit hard this summer with pests on my CPs. I have found Mealybugs, Aphids and what I think is some kind of Mite. I have not been able to identify it yet as it is very small. I do know that it is red/orange in color. So I am doing some research on methods to get...
  4. BaseDrifter

    Giving away a division of my S. x readii - can you guess my favorite Czech beer?

    Hi everyone, I've won quite a few giveaways here on TF and I'm finally able to give something back to the community. I'm giving away a division of my S. x readii. You just need to guess my favorite Czech beer and paypal me (via gift) $7 for shipping (CONUS.) I purchased this as my first...
  5. ps3isawesome

    Is there something wrong with my Judith Hindle?

    Read something about mealybugs and smaller/deformed pitchers. How come this is so small compared to everything else? is it okay?
  6. BaseDrifter

    My experience and what I've learned about mealybugs (ugh!)

    **I will preface this by saying I am not an expert, I have only been growing CPs for 5 years (but only really got into them in the last year) and there are many people here with vastly more experience. This is a summary of my experience and what I've learned about these horrid creatures. If you...
  7. B

    bisnicks' Mini-bog container build

    bisnicks' Mini-bog container build So recently I decided I wanted to build my own mini-bog container garden. After scouring through forums, I finally decided on how I would be building it. My mini-bog isn't original at all, but a fusion between two of my favorite mini-bogs I have seen on this...
  8. A


    First off, if this is in the wrong place i apologize, mods feel free to move it if it is. Well, my aunt gave me an orchid around xmas time, and just today i spotted that it was infested with mealy bugs. The plant is on the same table in the window as all of my CP's, but i spot no bugs on any of...
  9. Chasethorn


    So I came home and the sun was hitting the water in my terrarium just right and I could hundreds of these pod looking thing. The were all on top of the water just kind of walking on the water. The looked like a tiny white isopod or rollie pollie ... I am disinfecting my terrarium and have them...
  10. Nepenthesis

    Fudgecicles! Mealybugs! :(

    ^ That's what has been on my N. densiflora x spectabilis. I never see them move around so I didn't suspect that's what it was. They are really, really tiny, so tiny you can't even tell what they are. They were pretty much all over the leaves of the plant. Luckily, they didn't spread to the rest...
  11. pappydew

    Mealybugs! HELP!

    I'm freaking out... Last week I found the cottony "growth" on my S. rubra and isolated the plant. Now I'm finding the little ***** on my N. ventricosa (pitchers only it seems), D. 'pretty rosette' (flower stalk) and the VFT (in and out of the traps). They've also since been isolated. I'm super...
  12. TheFury

    Tiny white things??

    So what do you make of these things? Thrips? Mealybugs? Aphids? Springtails? These things have also shown up on my D. adelae but aren't invading any of my other pots... yet. Sorry to make yet another thread about this. I read through other threads, and there were descriptions, but I could find...
  13. Hermopolis

    Moving to Canada, CITES and Phytosanitary Certs.

    Well, I have an update on trying to move my CP collection to Canada, and I am ready to let you know what my experience has been. My situation is that I am moving my entire household from the USA to Canada to attend graduate school. I have 40 carnivorous plants about half of which are CITES...
  14. P

    Mealybugs are attacking my plants

    My S. purpurea and D. intermedia is infected with mealybugs. What should I do to get rid of those annoying pests?
  15. SpyCspider


    Hi, I've been trying to treat 3 of my pitcher plants heavily infested with mealybugs to no avail. Started off with using Safer Brand 3-in-1 Garden Spray that contains mostly sulfur-- didn't work. Then tried using isopropyl alcohol 70% dabbed with cotton swabs all over the plants--that was a...
  16. M

    Mealybugs on Hummer's Giant! Help!

    I ordered an Orchid which was infested with mealybugs. Needless to say, I am very upset with the vendor. I've had my Ceph Hummer's Giant sitting right next to it over the past couple of weeks and noticed for the first time last night that I had a major bug problem, thanks to that orchid. I...
  17. nightsky

    What's wrong? Disease?

    This is my spec x mira. I've had it for 7 months. It arrived in real bad shape - the bag it was in was ripped open and the plant was very wilted, the roots completely dry. Anyway, a month later it was fine, and started to unfurl new leaves. It's done great until about a month ago. Then I...
  18. Cindy

    Root mealies - just to rant

    Last season of hot and dry gave those bugs the foothold on nearly every CP group I have at my balcony. Two weeks ago, I found out that nearly all my Cephs have got root mealies. From then onwards, I found that my Sundews had them, my Neps had them and the Sarracenia had them. Today, my latest...
  19. Cindy

    My Ceph growing experiences at the equator

    Mildew - Cephs kept in conditions of low light, too humid and stagnant air Chemical burns - Cephs fried with overdose of what I deemed as safe fertiliser Mealybugs and scales - Cephs with yellowing leaves which I ignored for several weeks ...all of which I have to admit is a lack of...
  20. bpullin


    Hi, I'm pretty sure my sarrs have mealybugs, but when I went to check them out, the stupid things actually jumped like a little leaf hopper! I have never seen mealybugs move let alone jump. There is the cottony little masses with at least one bug in it, but they are very agile. Has anyone...