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Possible mealybugs on mammillaria?

I've had this plant for a bit over a year, I think it is mammillaria backebergiana but I am not entirely sure, it was unlabeled when I purchased it. Anyway, I think it may have mealybugs. Here are my questions about it:
  • Are these mealybugs?
  • If they aren't mealybugs, what are they?
  • What should I do about it?
For now, I have quarantined the plant on the far corner of the porch, away from all my other plants. At the time being, no other plants are showing any signs of this issue.

Here is the cactus

Here is a closeup of the white spots between the spines

This picture is a little blurry, but you can see that there is also the white webby stuff in the bottom hole of the pot.
I've determined this was indeed a mealybug infestation, I have treated the plant with rubbing alcohol and it is still in quarantine for now until I am certain the problem's fixed!
Maybe this isn't mealybugs? The white stuff hasn't dissolved like it should if it was mealybugs, and the bugs I saw were small and brown, and visible before spraying. If anyone has info then please tell me. Are mams supposed to have those white spots between their spines? I think they might now, pictures I've seen appear to have the spots on closer observation. I do think the white in the bottom of the pot, and the brown bugs are probably a problem though. Please give advice if you know anything about this!! Thank you in advance, I am very worried about my plant.
Honestly just treat it with a systemic and be safe rather than sorry.
Looks like the white fuzzy bumps are around the entire base of the plant and appear at regular intervals. They don't look like mealy bugs. A lot of cacti grow fuzz in spots in a pattern, including Mamms. Actually, looks like those fuzzy spots are where the flowers grow from the plant. I'm not sure about the wad of white bumps in the hole in the bottom of the pot. You can pick them out and smoosh them. If you get insect juices on your finger then you'll know they were mealy bugs.